Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boston Build Up


We are 5 weeks away from the Boston Marathon, and training is going well but not great.  Having 2 babies 2 and under plus the commute and full time job has put a dent in my training.  There are some people out there who can brave the 4AM wakeup call to get the miles in but I simply cannot do it.  I wish I could, but I feel that 5 is early enough.  That being said, 90% of my runs during the week are done at lunchtime at work where I can get 6 miles on a good day.  Any other weekday runs are done at 8:30 PM after the boys go to bed.  Needless to say, it has not been the best buildup for a marathon.  My long run have been on target and consistent, but I wish I had a little more time for the 8-10 milers during the week.  I know they work for me, but I just cannot seem to squeeze it in.

That being said, I do finally feel like my speed continues to return.  While I have not been utilizing my Crossfit membership well (note two boys above), I have been religious about incorporating in Crossfit workouts on my own.  I am OBSESSED with the She Rocks Fitness blog as the workouts are SO good.  I do think that the tabatas and the core work and the squats are helping me to get stronger. 

I also had the very cool experience to ride the bike leg of the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon last weekend.  The ride was HILLY and I have not been on a bike since before Jack was born, but I loved every second of it.  I smiled the entire time. And, the experience made me wish I was a triathlete and inspired me to sign up for the Nantucket Triathlon in July.  Nantucket makes me happy!

Today I also participated in the Davis Square St. Patrick’s Day 5K.  It was not my best 5K at all, but from first steps I knew was not in race mode.  5Ks are not for me, as I need a little bit to warm up.  So, I just ran it even and did not push it, finishing in just over 24 minutes for a 7:47 pace.  Three minutes off my PR but after yesterday’s long run on the treadmill, I just did not have it in me physically or mentally.

Luckily, though I have not had the best buildup to Boston, I still have 5 more weeks to go.  I also might just run Boston to enjoy it, as I do not think I will be winning it :). I also will be running the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon so it gives me a little more time to build my endurance.


  1. Only 5 weeks!!! You are a rockstar for getting in the training and getting to the start!!! You're doing awesome!

  2. Wow! Good job getting it done with 2 little ones and a full time job!!