Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boston Marathon- Let's Do It!

Of course- I wrote this over a week ago! ______________________________________________________ Wow! It has been so long since I blogged. But, I have jury duty today, and sitting in the room waiting, what better time! After having my second son via C-section, it was a literal LONG road back to running. I gave birth on July 4th and really only was cleared to run towards the end of August. Of course, I kicked that off by running my first race, one of my FAVORITES, the End of the Summer Classic 5 Miler. While I did not set any records, I felt steady at that race and knew not to push it. September brought an entire month in Nantucket, and the island was a perfect place for me to ease into running. Running/biking/walking there is so perfect as there are miles and miles of bike paths, dirt roads and beaches to journey on. It was a great atmosphere not to worry about speed or distance and to just enjoy every moment of the day. I am sure at times that onlookers thought I was a crazy lady, as I had my older guy in the stroller, the baby strapped to me in the carrier and the dog on a leash as we walked up and down the Madaket bike path. But, when I was alone with the kids on the island, I did not want to lose a day of perfect weather to exercise, so even if it was walking, I was out there. Returning to work was crazy as usual, as I literally began travel to high schools, albeit local ones, my first day back. However, working does bring consistency, as HARD as it is to be a full time working mother with a 3 hour round trip commute. I know it is all relative, but getting two kids out of the house before 7 is tough. But, I love my job and my colleagues so I do it. Not always with a smile, but for right now, being at work is the right decision for me. My employer, Babson College, does have some great perks including free access to a gym, so I have been consistently going to the gym most of the days I am working on campus. It breaks up my day, gets me energized for the afternoon, and provides me with some extra sleep (to 5:15 when I wake up) and some extra time with my guys at night. I also started inching into Boston training in November. I started with Crossfit, and although I am not a total convert as I will always be a cardio queen, I do think that the lifting has made me stronger. I felt so weak and flabby after I had Pete, so I needed something to jump start the return of my strength. Some weeks I get there 3 times, and some others it is once. My “box”, Reebok Crossfit Bare Cove, provides us with a travel WOD each day, so in addition to my running miles, I try to complete it as well. My speed in running is FINALLY showing signs that it might come back, and I know that Crossfit has helped with it. Longish runs also started in November as well. When I was in Nantucket, I mainly ran 5-6 miles, but in preparation for Boston, I knew I needed to step it up. I rejoined my little Hingham running group, a fellow group of mothers who I just adore. These ladies are always willing to get out and be out the door on Saturday mornings at 7AM, and they helped me to start tackling those 8-10 milers. Now, it is L Street all the way! I rejoined the club for our January runs, connecting with old friends, and even meeting some new ones, including Kim! I was so excited that Kim came to our run last week, as her and I have been twitter and daily mile friends for awhile. She is running Boston as well, so I am looking forward to pounding the pavement with her on Sundays over the next few months. Last week, we headed from South Boston, out towards Boston College, basically running the marathon course in reverse for parts. It was so freezing cold and windy, but I was lucky to have Kim and the others ladies to chat with to keep me entertained. I was proud of how steady we ran- 15 miles in 2:14 for just around a 9 minute pace, perfect for a long run. I am already looking forward to next Sunday, when we hit the Emerald Necklace. I am hoping to blog more regularly, but I just need to find time! But, who has time these days, so I just need to plan for it. Even if I am the only one who reads what I wrote, it is also fun for me to look back after my marathon and relive the training through my posts.