Saturday, August 18, 2012

Running in the Rain


I was going to skip running today, as yesterday’s 6 miler was hot and sweaty.  But, it was lightly raining and I LOVE running in the lighter rain.  Not the downpours, but just that little bit of drizzle.

Turns out it was a good decision!  I had my first sub 10 minute pace for a run since having Pete!

photo (35)

Not necessarily speedy at all, but an improvement.  My plan is working!


Mile 1- 9:59

Mile 2- 9:23

Mile 3- 9:06

.56- 5: 31 (cooldown)

9:32 overall pace!  I have not seen that in some time!

Perhaps this is short lived, and maybe I will be back to hanging out in the 10s again next week.  But, it was a little gem that made me excited about running and giving me hope that my legs will come back.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A 40 Mile Walking Week and a Return to Running!


Boston 2013 training has officially commenced as I get to register early on August 20th.  Unfortunately, it began with LOTS of walking rather than tempo runs and intervals.  Recovery runs all the way for this lady after the C-section!

Last week, week 5 after Pete’s birth, I realized that I just needed time on my feet.  So I walked and walked A LOT.  40 miles in total- that is a lot of time walking.  My poor dog Cisco also walked most of those miles with me, but a tired dog is a happy dog. My trusty BOBs and I made it all through Hingham, and I saw most of my old routes.

This past Monday, August 13th, I felt brave enough to run.  I promised my husband that I would just test it out and only go 2 miles in total.  I paced well, running a 10 minute mile and then a 9:30 on the way back.  It felt great, and I was anxious to do more.  This was the first run since June 3rd, when my 31 week self was running with Jack in the BOB.  Awesome- it was so good!

I have kept up my walking regime, walking Cisco and the boys a minimum of 3 miles each day this week and sometimes 5.  I also ran 5 on Tuesday with Pete in the stroller, 5 on Wednesday, a day off Thursday and 6 today.  So, for my first week back running, my average pace running has been 10 minutes a mile, and I have covered 18 so far without counting walking.

I am so lucky, as my parents live right near Wollaston Beach in Quincy.  2 of my runs this week have been along the beach, which is flat but HOT as there is no shade.  Today’s 6 miler in particular was rough as it was 90 and sunny.  But, I was just so happy to be running. I do need to do another post about running here- it is such a great place to run despite the lack of shade.

As grateful as I am, I am still hard on myself about how much fitness I have lost through the pregnancy, the bedrest and the recovery from surgery.  I know I should not be, but I cannot help but to be.  I was hoping I would bounce back easier, but it is hard.  Running is hard.  But, for some reason, I keep coming back to it.