Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cohasset 10K at 22 Weeks


This past Sunday, I ran the Cohasset Road Race by the Sea 10K.  I have run this race on and off for the past six/seven years (???), only missing one that I can remember when my back was injured 2 weeks before Boston 2010.  The course might be my favorite race ever as a decent portion of it runs along Jerusalem Road in Cohasset. 

To give you some perspective, here is the course map.


Cohasset by the Sea


And here is the view on this road.



Although I set my PR in the 10K there 3 years ago, it is actually a pretty challenging course.  Miles 1-2 are pretty flat, 3 is rolling, 4 and 5 are hills (steep and short and long and gradual) and 6 is flat.  The change in topography is welcome though, as it really makes the miles go by quickly.

I had ZERO expectations for this race.  I honestly have not run this far since January and was not sure if my rediscovered ability to run was still existent.  I even did not wear a watch so that I was not focused on time, but just on getting myself and the baby belly to the finish line.

Needless to say, I surprised even myself.  I did not have to stop to walk, even up the hills, and I just kept shuffling along trying to keep my breathing in check.  Miraculously, I managed to finish in 1 hour exactly, for an overall 9:40 pace!

This race was nowhere near a PR for me, but managed to be one of my favorite race experiences.  I enjoyed the hour immensely as it felt great to race without any sort of pressure and served as a reminder that I do love to run.  Maybe sometimes I don’t love to race, but the actually running, well that is rather special.

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  1. I'm so impressed with your drive to keep running. This view looks gorgeous too. Thanks again for all your Boston info. Hope you don't mind if I share some on my blog. ??