Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boston Marathon 2012- A Non Running Reflection


Did I ever mention that I love everything about the Boston Marathon?  Growing up in the area, I developed an appreciation for this great race.  Having run the marathon itself 5 times in the past six years, it has become a huge part of my story as a runner.


photo (10)

Although I was not running this year due to Baby #2’s impending arrival in August,

photo (7)

(from our ultrasound this past week- hello this is a real baby!!!!)

my husband and I headed to the expo Friday after work to retrieve my number.  My stomach received a few stares from the volunteers as I picked up my number, then my bag and shirt.  A few commented that they hoped I was not still planning to run with the heat that was being forecasted.  I assured them that I was not.  However, seeing that I registered for the race in September before I was pregnant, I figured I would just get the nice shirt that I paid over $100 to have.  We had a great time at the expo, I made a few purchases and then we had a great dinner in town.  It did not completely make my sadness about feeling left out disappear, but it certainly helped it a bit. 

I admit, even with the horribly hot forecast, I was feeling very left out that I could not be in Hopkinton.  Yes, I am crazy.  I know and acknowledge this fact.

Over the weekend, the BAA made the announcement that runners could defer their numbers to next year due to the impending forecast as long as they picked up their numbers sand did not start the race.  I was technically one of the over 400 participants who fell into this category.  However, this policy did not exist when I picked up  my number, and I actually have a time for 2013 independent of the deferral. 

That meant that MANY runners headed out to Hopkinton to start the race in the heat.  It was hot.  I walked/ran with the jogging stroller and the dog at 7:30 and I was hot then…..

photo (18)

(Yes my son is taking it easy in the stroller.)

Here was where I was standing at Mile 19 in Newton. (Also, PS to anyone trying to figure out spectating this race- Mile 19 s a great place as it is (1) right off the Mass Pike (2) 1/2mile (?) from Newton North HS where you can park and (3) about 4-6 minutes after the runners go over the 30K timing mat so I received a text update for the runners I was tracking and knew when to look for them. I was able to see Dorothy, Erin and Amanda along with numerous others because of the timing mat and text alert. )

photo (15)

Notice that there was a spot of shade here.  Remember I am 6 months pregnant and had a red headed child with me.  We both needed shade.

Also notice there is a LOT of sun and asphalt.  I was hot spectating…. in the shade! 

It was heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time to watch the runners go by me.  There was an incredible amount of suffering out there, and not one person came by dry, as he or she was drenched in what was probably both a combination of water and sweat.  I was really moved by the scene.

From the race recaps that I read, Marathon Monday in Boston was a humbling experience for many runners.  From talking with friends, it was a difficult day for most .Both blogging buddies and my Boston running club friends, were trained to really just ROCK this race.  The heat was a game changer for pretty much everyone, even the elites like Geoffrey Mutai.  But, people still trudged through and finished, even if it was not the day expected.

Although I did not run, it was a huge reflection for me on running.  No matter if we are training for our first 5K or our 20th marathon, running is hard and throws wrenches at us.  But, we can all FINISH if we put our minds to it no matter what the day brings to us.

Right now, being so pregnant and having no races on the horizon except for Boston one year from now, I have been a little down about my paces and such.  Monday reminded me that I am so wrong to think this way.  It gave me a complete attitude adjustment.  I ran this week with joy and with spirit.  

(Disclosure: this does mean NO GARMIN outside and the I Pad over the treadmill consul inside to get me from looking and being depressed.)

It is not about how long it takes me, or how far I journey.  It matters that I am out there trying.  Embracing that attitude helped me get out of bed in the morning to hit the treadmill this week. Instead of running to earn that goal time…..

I run to keep my mind in order.

I run to ensure that my unborn child is born healthy.

I run as a way to train for childbirth.

I run so that I can be the best mother for this little boy.

Jack Runner Baby


See you in 2013, Boston!


  1. I love that little runnah baby shirt! Those are great reasons to keep running... :-) I am looking forward to Boston 2013 too!

  2. Thanks so much for cheering for me! What a great idea to stand right past a timing mat. :) I will be running Boston next year too so hopefully we can meet up. I love the ultra sound picture. So sweet. Hugs!

  3. I saw your comment over at Fancy Nancy and wanted to just drop a note. It sounds like you are doing great and I was the same place with being around 26 weeks and thinking, omg, I don't know that I can continue running till the end. I made it but there were some tough weeks. I hope you are doing well!