Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why I’m NOT Shipping Up to Boston…


I have been super quiet on  the blog front, almost eerily so.  My work has been busy, as we worked over the past four months to read and review applications for the incoming class of 2016.  Jack, the crazy little one year old that he is, keeps me busy in a happy way, and who can forget my diva dog Cisco.  The three of us have spent many weekend days enjoying the incredibly balmy winter that we have been enjoying here in New England.  If I can offer any advice, mothers with dogs need to invest in BOB stroller.  It is super stable and gives me the ability to take both boys for a walk. If anyone else has a large dog, you will understand how complicated it can be to push the stroller and handle such an animal.

Typically at this time of year, I have visions of Boston dancing in my head.  Last year, I ran the race less than 12 weeks postpartum.  It was THE hardest thing I have ever done in my life, navigating a newborn and training after being pregnant in a race for a race that was a little too close for comfort.  But this year, I enviously look at my running club’s website and hear about there training runs, and scour the blogs of Amanda, Dorothy, Lauren and many others to vicariously live through their training.  With the great winter we have had hear in New England, it has been really hard.

Arriving at the decision was truly heartbreaking, as I love the Boston marathon.  But, I realized that if I ran it, I was ultimately being selfish.  I also realized that as hard as it was to run so soon postpartum, it would be even more challenging to make it through the  marathon at 24 weeks pregnant.

I have not stopped running.  I ran through my pregnancy with Jack and plan to run as long as I can with this one.  But, 26.2 miles is a long way.  More importantly, 26.2 miles is a long way to take that little baby on the journey with me while my husband worries the whole time how both I and the baby are handling the experience.  I do think I could have done it, and I know that many women have successfully completed a marathon while expecting before.  But for me, it just was not the right decision.  The final factor was a conversation with a friend who actually ran Boston 5 months pregnant last year. She did not know I was pregnant (as I was only 9 weeks or so) and  told me that although it was a great experience and she was fine, but she would not do it again, I realized that it was okay to back off from it. I did not simply need to do it just to prove that I could. 

But what a great lesson about life.  We do not always need to go out and prove ourselves for silly reasons.  I do not have to be Mrs. Superwoman.  I can take a step back and not feel disappointed.


On a completely separate note, my friend Lisa wrote a great article on Joan Benoit Samuelson  for our running club’s website.  She actually ran parts of the Hyannis Half with Joanie and ended up finishing with her.  Lisa shares how gracious and kind Joanie is, and I am sure that many of you will walk away feeling inspired.


  1. There are plenty more marathons left in you and I think you are being VERY wise by taking a break while pregnant. Can't wait to run together once our babies are born!

  2. Oh, i'm always so happy to see a post from you. I'll be back to read this in full as soon as I can today...after I play another round of "guess the animal" with my 4 year old. And just reading your last paragraph here...YES, you don't have to be superwoman...or maybe part of being superwoman IS taking those steps back to recharge, be in the moments, and give of yourself in other ways so you have more of you to meet those next levels in life. Looking forward to being back here in a bit. xo