Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Pregnant Pause- A Running Workout


Since I realized I was pregnant in December, I vowed to keep exercising.  My son arrived into the world after hours and hours of labor that I have blocked out and four hours of pushing.  Needless to say, I know that exercise allowed me to keep my birthing experience natural.

I ran miles and miles and well throughout the month of December.  Then January came, and depression about no Boston set in, and motivation was destroyed.  I definitely slacked off of the running during January and February.  I have been confined to the treadmill or running with a partner by the doctor. As much as I love the treadmill, it is hard to slog slow steady miles on it.  I love a good progression run or track workout on it.  However, those were not allowed or feasible for me.  Needless to say, I found myself a little out of running shape.

One might argue that my lack of fitness might be due to the growing stomach.  While it is certainly a factor, I ran when pregnant with my son until 37 weeks or so.  So, I decided to start anew. I realized that I could do intervals on the treadmill to stave off boredom, just with walking instead of running.  It is my pregnant pause!

Here is what I have been doing on the mill.  It is a basic beginner running workout and definitely not specific to 20 week pregnant ladies Smile .

Warmup- Walk 2 minutes

Run 2 minutes

Walk 1 minute

Run 3 minutes

Walk 1 minute

Run 4 Minutes

Walk 1 Minute

Run 5 Minutes

Walk 2 minutes

Repeat as desired

I love the progression, and I love the change of pace.  It has kept me motivated, and I have managed to crank out 6 miles in an hour with this.  It is definitely off my prepregnancy pace, but it is working for me right now!

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  1. This too shall pass...even though I'm sure it sucks! It's all worth it!