Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh, yes, I have a blog???? And how I have kept running not boring


Now that my crazy work season has wrapped itself up until January, I can get back to the other parts of my life that allow me some creativity for a bit.  The month of December is absolutely crazy for me professionally, and then with all the holiday obligations and such, I need to be in bed after all my chores are done…. no blogging, tweeting, etc.  Just sleep!

I did manage to get my Christmas cards out and will shamelessly tell you that I did not even design them myself.  My friend Stephanie, who also photographs baby Jack for me, did.  So much for taking time to be creative!  But, she is wonderful.  If you are in Massachusetts and need a child photographer, I suggest that you check out her site- http://www.stephaniebeth.com/.  She is amazingly talented!

Jack Christmas Card

The picture is off the card from my Iphone so please excuse it.  To see the original picture, it is in the below post which embarrassingly is from almost a month ago.

But, this is a running blog and not an excuse blog, so let’s get to it.  My running has been tame.  Normally at this time of year, I am prepping to start Boston training, but I am not quite there.  Most of my runs have been leisurely and fun.  What have I been up to? Keeping running fresh, that is what!  How have I done this?

(1) Not wearing my Garmin: truth be told, it started because it was dead and my charger was in my desk at work.  And then, I kept forgetting to take it out of my desk.  My dog Cisco hates the Garmin, because its beeps annoy and hurt his ears. Thus, I charge it at work.  However, I grew to appreciate the break.  Coincidently, Lauren of Health on the Run wrote a great post about reasons to ditch the Garmin.  Check it out!

(2) Running with friends: Another Lauren who I know from running club lives near by me in Hingham.  She and I have not wanted to venture to Boston, so we have been running in Hingham.  She is training for the Houston Marathon right now.  Is anyone else jealous that she will be there for the trials?  I could swoon thinking about it.  On the point though, I have always wanted Hingham running buddies, so I am excited to have some!

(3) Running with slower friends:  I have also been running with my friend Elle.  Elle is a bit slower than me, but her attitude about running is 20x better than mine.  Every run with her is a destination.  We have done a long run including six miles on the sand at low tide in Hull that the below picture gives a somewhat feel for.  Running on the beach in the winter is so peaceful.


We have also ventured into our local statepark which has been awesome.  Full confession- I am not a state park girl and would never run in it alone.  But, with others, I am not freaked out.  But, Elle runs to run and not for speed.  We just chat and take it the surroundings.  I love it.  This experience has given me a whole new appreciation for running.

(4) Run on the treadmill while watching the Patriots: Enough said there, right!  And I should include run on the treadmill while watching the Ironman World Championship on my I Pad.

(5) Running my normal loops backwards:  I love this one because I don’t know exactly where the first mile is going backwards.  Most of my loops are 5.7 or 4.3 miles- weird numbers.   With no Garmin, I am just focused on running and not how far I have gone.