Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hingham Turkey Trot 2011


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The Turkey Trot has become an annual tradition for me.  I honestly do not remember how many I have run, but I did run it last year when almost 8 months pregnant.  Needless to say, it is a race that I do not miss.

I am NOT in 5K shape right now…. or really any racing shape for that matter.  I had a great great 8 miler last week.  It was awesome and reaffirming.  But, I was still not committed to racing this race at full speed. 

I lined up at the start today after a short little warmup, but I honestly should have arrived earlier.  It was SO crowded.  Terribly so!  I could not get anywhere near the middle, never mind the front.  Full disclosure- I am fully supportive of ALL types of runners.  And, I do not deserve to be on the front line of a race.  I have not earned that! But please, if you plan on run/walking the first mile, do not head towards the front. 

My first mile took me 8:20ish because it took me a bit to get over the line as the gun went off and then I was weaving weaving weaving.  And then I realized, I needed to just race comfortably hard.  I needed to not worry about my time- I even covered my Garmin with my sleeve. I just pushed hard but not so hard that I was gasping.  And guess what- it worked!  I finished in 23:40.  This means I ran in the 7:20s BY FEEL  for the final two miles.  Maybe I am doubting my abilities a bit? Granted, I only had to hold it for 2 miles, but I honestly was not dying out there. 

And now, a shameless “My kid is so cute” picture.  Because he is =)


Jack Fall 2011


  1. He is so cute! Beautiful boy! Happy Thanksgiving. And you're braver than me...I chickened out on a 5k. Good job having those 7:20's by feel even if it was only 2 miles. And the fact that you were not dying...such a great feeling. I bet you'll be nailing those 7:20's in a marathon before you know it. Happy Thanksgiving Adrienne!

  2. You sneak! :) Glad it was a good race. I'm not surprised at all that you ran two 7:20s without a ton of effort!
    And he is SO CUTE! Love that red hair!

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  4. That is an awesome time for not being in "racing shape" Amazing job! Your little guy is adorable!