Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who Loves to Run Almost 21 miles?


Me!  That is who!

I ran my longest run since Boston this past year on Sunday. 

20.4 miles in 2:56:26

High 8:40 miles??? (I cannot remember what the Garmin said)

It did not kill me.  I felt good.  I even picked up the pace a few times as part of the plan my coach had for me…. and that did not feel that hard. I ran the next day.  I ran 7:55 miles tonight, two days later.  And, I have a sinus infection and an ear infection.  (Better me than my baby!)

I HOPE I am not jinxing myself.


On Thursday, I begin two and a half weeks of travel.  First stop, New Orleans, a city that I absolutely adore.  My sister graduated from Tulane in 2007, and I grew to love the city and all its debauchery and revelry while she was there.  NOLA also has a place in my running history, as I ran the Mardi Gras half marathon the February after Katrina demolished the poor city.  (And, my race recap was published in Runner’s World!)

However, I am part of a panel at a national conference, so I will not be celebrating my return by planting myself at Pat O’Brien’s.

Then, onto the big Europe trip.  My traveling buddy Courtney runs as well, so we will run our way through the continent while we represent our schools.

Oh, and, did I mention the big guilt I have leaving my three boys at home?  BIG!


  1. wow congrats on a great 20 miler and other awesome runs! your travel plans sound awesome - i know you will miss you boys a lot but at least you are going to wonderful places!

  2. that's an amazing 20 miler! thanks for your comment on my post. I think it's so hard to balance everything!