Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Literal P.I.A.

One word to explain my lack of blogging- INJURED! What is a running blog without running to write about?

I literally have a P.I.A. The pain is right in my piformis muscle. At first, I tried to ignore it and kept running. This strategy left me unable to walk the day after I run. Not being able to walk is difficult when one has a three month old.... just saying!

My friend is a GREAT physical therapist, and she gave me a whole routine to do. I have religiously doing them every day for a week, so I thought I might have some results. Nope! I still have a major P.I.A.

I feel very lost without my running. The whole scenario is so very frustrating. I did not get injured during marathon training but now I am for no reason! I ran ten days after having a natural birth and did not get injured. Apparently, the whole experiment is catching up with my body.

I am so torn- I can run, but it hurts. Not childbirth hurt, but it still feels pretty terrible. I cannot decipher whether or not I should try to push through the pain. I cannot figure out what it means that I cannot walk the next day, but then am okay a day later.

Deep breaths that I will get over this soon..... and apologies for a ranting rambling blog post!


  1. I hate piriformis pain. I almost got it again a couple of weeks ago, but I think I caught it on time and ice and roll the heck out of it. Not sure if you know but rolling on a tennis ball and actually sitting on the ball on the point where it hurts is the way to go with piriformis. It gets better quickly so no worries

  2. Oh that is no fun! I hope you get feeling better soon! That would drive me crazy too.