Monday, May 23, 2011

Harpoon 5 Miler


This past Sunday, I ran in the Harpoon 5 Mile Race.  For any blog readers that I might have left after being in a running funk and thus not posting, this occurrence is a bit of a surprise.  All in all, it was a great day!

(Full disclosure- this will not be my most eloquent post- I am rushing to write it- I feel like I have no time these days!!!)

Race Recap

I cannot say enough good things about this race.  My only only only complaint is that I did not get an exact 5 on my Garmin; the course was a little short and some of the mile markers were off.  Otherwise, the logistics were great. 

My husband, sister, baby and I headed to the Harpoon brewery at 9 AM for a 10AM race start.  Despite the 3,500 runners and their guests at the race, we were able to park, retrieve our numbers and hit the portapotties twice before heading to the corals at 9:40. 

We lined up with the 8 minute pace sign.  What was so impressive was that people were actually lining up correctly!  We easily walked up to the 8 minute sign and hung out until the start. I had been injured and cranky about running, but my pulled piformis had been feeling much better in the past two days.  I was not sure what to expect as I had barely run in the past three weeks, and was wincing in pain when running with my Learn to Run group. 

The race is a nice out and back loop.  Our first mile was a 7:45, which I thought was a little fast, but it felt okay.  I had decided to run by feel, and covered up my Garmin so I could not see it.  Because I am still feeling the butt muscle, I did not want to give 100% effort out there and risk getting reinjured.  But, it was a race and I wanted to run it just a tad uncomfortably!  Not too much, but I wanted to be on that edge of knowing there was more to give.

Typically,  my husband and I run every race together except for the Hingham July 4th race- that one we do on our own.  He started falling behind me a little bit at the turn around, and I thought he wanted me to be cautious.  So, although I kept going, I tried to keep him in sight and not lose him.  He claims, the good husband he is, that I was running well, and that he was tired.  The truth is that he is a faster runner than me, and I think he was nervous because I could barely walk earlier in the week!

I finished in 37:36- a 7:32 pace.  The Garmin said I was a 7:35 pace, so I will take that as well!

Race Reflection

I felt like I got my groove back with this race.  Being injured since the Royal Wedding (yes, that was the last day I had ran) had really dampened my spirits.  I had to drop off a relay team because of it, and not running was making me very very sad.  It was as if my best friend in 2nd grade became a mean girl.  That is how sad I felt!

But, we reunited today.  It was a little awkward at first, and I know our relationship still needs some work, but I know we can get there.

Post Race Pictures

Ash and Jack

Jack and his babysitter

Hello I am Jack

Cheering us on!


Family Picture

Jack Stretching Post Race

Stretching post race

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  1. Great job!!!! I'm sorry you have been so injured! Glad to see you are back on the saddle!!!