Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Little Jack Rabbit…. and My Final Words about Boston 2011


Another shameless plug of my little Jack Rabbit- he makes me so happy!

Jack Rabbit

I know I am his mama, but my goodness, his Easter picture may be the cutest thing ever.

My race recap of Boston is now over a week late.  Fortunately, it now means most of the emotion about the race has died down for me, and I can concisely summarize the day.

(1) I went out a little too fast….. Boston #5 and I still am learning….

(2) The weather was a little too hot for my liking, especially after training in this winter.  Next year, I plan on jacking up the heat in  my house and running on my best friend the treadmill.  The HEAT (I am being dramatic) caused me some distress, and I let it get to me.

(3) Although I had a great training cycle for it being so short, I don’t think I was as ready for the race as I would have liked.  At mile 22, running became slow and ugly.  Then again, that could be the result of going out too fast and the heat. 

(4) I really, really, really want to run another marathon soon.  So, as Colleen said in a comment, why don’t I?  A fall marathon is on the horizon!

(5) The end was awesome.  I mean really- look at me as I run onto Boylston!  I love this race no matter the outcome. And that my friends is the spirit of running.

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  1. The Amica Marathon in Newport is a good Fall race! Great scenery and pretty close!

    You're little "bunny" is so cute!