Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little Bit of a Heartbreaker- Boston Marathon 2011


What an amazing day!  I did not run a PR, nor did I come close to it.  Yet, I finished this race with a huge smile on my face.

Marathon #7- 3:54:37

I am SO very sad that it is over.  It is a little bit of a heartbreaker for me.  I just will miss marathon training so very much.

Full recap to come, but here are some pictures that capture the day


Heading to the coralls with Leann and Steph

Trying to stay strong

On Beacon Street near the end with dead legs but still smiling!

Onto Hereford- the end is near!

#7 Complete


Marathon 2011

With my number one fan


  1. You are so awesome!! What an accomplishment to run a marathon - Boston! - so soon after having your baby. You are a true inspiration. Congratulations!!!

  2. You are amazing! Great job! I can't believe you had a baby after me and just finished a marathon! I'm still working up to 8 miles! :)

    Can't you do another marathon if you're so sad about being done?

  3. Your pics are sooooooo good AR!!!! I'm so proud of you! You are so inpsiring!

  4. Awesome Adrienne!! Your proofs are amazing--how special to qualify for and run in! WOW!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog--love meeting new readers!!!

  5. You are AMAZING and ran such a great race so close to having a baby! Congrats :)