Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For Patty


Before I begin this blog post, many thanks to all those who posted nice words about the post on Another Mother Runner. You make me blush.  I am just a lady trying to figure this whole balancing act out.

Tis the week before Boston, and of course, the taper is making me a little mad.  Mary still has some runs on my schedule, including one that made me descend in speed.  I did it, and I would stand on my head if she told me too, but there was something so counter-intuitive about slowing down. Especially for me…..

That run was a reminder for me.  My life has been extremely busy since I returned to work.  Jack and I attended a Bachelorette in NYC- he is so wild! And, there have been board meetings and just stuff to go along with the work, the family life and the training. I never imagined how hard it would be.  Jack is in wonderful hands with my parents’ for the month of April, and I do enjoy being back at work.  I love him more than I can express, but leaving him is not the hardest part. Living life is a logistical nightmare right now.  Every day feels rushed and hectic, and I probably need to descend the pace a little bit and cut down on some of my obligations. 

I have been thinking a lot this week about HOW I want to live my life.  Much of this reflection was a result of the passing of my husband’s Aunt Patty this past Monday.  She was 74 years young, but you would have thought she was 16 by the way she acted and lived her life.  The woman was a storm of activity and dominated any room that she entered.  Outspoken, Patty lived her life the way SHE wanted to.  She really did not care what anyone thought of her or her opinions.  I so very much admire her for that. 

Patty was diagnosed with late stage cancers shortly after I had Jack.  The prognosis certainly wasn’t good, and she accepted it with dignity.  My husband and I brought Jack down to meet Patty not even two weeks ago on April 1st.  Though she was very sick and it was hard to see her that way, I will always remember how she held Jack, rocking him and kissing him.  Our last afternoon spent with Patty was so wonderful, and I will be forever grateful for her love.

This weekend, instead of being in Boston with the frenzy of the marathon, I will be in Hartford with our family celebrating the life of this remarkable woman.  God Bless you Patty.  I am privileged to have had you as a part of my life.  This year’s Boston is for you. 


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