Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Have Not Posted in a Long Time so I Have to Write Random Things


I have not posted in a very long time, but I have read all of your blogs religiously.  It is very hard to write an entire post while nursing Baby Jack.  However, blogs bring me countless hours of entertainment while I undergo countless hours of nursing. I think of many, many things to blog about during this time and then forget about them.  I am only able to blog right now as my parents are here and ogling over him. 

Jack is almost 7 weeks old.  Yikes!  I am going back to work on April 4th.  Bigger yikes!  Boston is on April 19th- biggest yikes!

My running continues to be the fourth  love of my life, after the husband, the baby and the puppy.  Honestly, I don’t know how people follow the postpartum directives to not workout for 6 weeks post delivery.  Our bodies were meant to move, and exercise is such a relief and a break from what life has become.  I realize that I am not a medical expert, and that I worked out until the day before my water broke.  But, for me, breaking that rule has been the right decision.

I realize that I run way too much at the gym and on the treadmill.  I have a serious, serious infatuation with the treadmill, so much so that I should probably not be called a runner.  Runners like the outdoors and so forth.  I like a moving belt and watching the captions on tv.  I even ignored my crying baby when I had 5 more minutes to go on the treadmill- mother of the year I know. Seeing that the Boston Marathon will not be run on a treadmill, and that our New England weather is a bit more bearable, I have been making an effort to run outdoors.  Shhh… don’t tell the treadmill, but I enjoyed every one of those runs.

Sunday’s long run was awesome- 16 miles outdoors and in capris and a long sleeve. I ran through Hull, Hingham and Cohasset.  If anyone is local, consider doing the Cohasset by the Sea 10K.  It is a tough course but the scenery is so very worth it.  I loved the run, until I realized how dehydrated I was and bonked at mile 13. And there was no store to buy water…. and I was stupid for only bringing one bottle of Poland Springs with me.  I just slowed down, realized my mistake and got home.

People watching at the gym is the BEST.  Maybe that reason number 54  is why I love the treadmill as well.  When I walked into the gym the other day, a girl walked about and IMMEDIATELY lit up a cigarette!  What????  I guess she was at the gym at least.  And, I love the muscle head men walking on the treadmills.  And, the old ladies with their SPARKLY tops walking on the treadmills (because I tend to go at times of days when they are out).  I guess I should wonder why so many people at my gym are walking…..

My mother wants to leave and thus not let me blog anymore…. Well, see you when I convince her to take care of him the next time….


  1. I LOVE people watching at the gym! I go to BAC in Southie so there is certainly an eclectic mix of people, young yuppies, born and bred south natives and old people, just to name a few.

    Also, I've never heard of that Cohasset by the sea 10k! That isn't terribly far from Southie so I might consider running it!

    Also, let me know the next time you go to L st! Now that the weather is cooperating I am looking forward to becoming a full fledged member and joining you on a few runs! :)

  2. Boston is the 18 my love. I love your random things. I think you are doing a fabulous job with your training and I can't imagine writing blogs while nursing although I am commenting while getting electric stim at physical therapy.