Monday, February 7, 2011

8 Measly Miles

Does an 8 mile run count as a long run in marathon training? For old Adrienne, definitely not. For the past two years, that was the minimum length of my Tuesday and Thursday runs during Boston training. For post baby Adrienne, apparently it counts as I finished my first week back running with the longest run that I have completed since finding out I was pregnant.

I blame it on my husband. He wanted to leave the gym, because his workout was done. Otherwise, I would have stayed on longer (or so I tell myself!). Is it depressing that he can run 6 miles and lift weights in the time that it took me to run 8? Very much so- I could not believe that it took me an hour and eighteen minutes to complete that run. Last year at this time, I had the ability to run this same distance in just over an hour.

But, these are merely comparisons, right? I know that I cannot be comparing myself at this time last year to myself at two weeks postpartum. I know that if I tried to run faster at this point, injuries would spring up. Patience has never been a virtue of mine, but I am working very hard to develop it right now.

I am so nervous running right now; it feels fine, but I was told not to run until 6 weeks postpartum. In life, I am a rule follower. I like schedules, and I follow directions very well. Going against doctor's orders is an act of rebellion for me. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to take off if I want to run Boston. I also need the mental release of running right now. It is in EVERYONE's best interest for me to run. I am absolutely in love with my baby boy, but I need a little break sometimes.

8 Measly Miles..... I will take it for what it is, another steppingstone as I journey back to a marathoner.


  1. Take it easy and be careful. Not every marathon has to be your fastest. Train for the enjoyment and not the speed goal. It might make you feel better. Congrats on your new baby :)

  2. Adrienne, I think you are an absolute rock star!! I can't even imagine running 8 miles after having a baby(though I haven't been through that, I can't even imagine the toll it takes on your body), you are amazing! Just listen to your body and go at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Your run on April 18th might not be your fastest marathon, but it will most likely be your proudest run, as a marathoner AND a mother. Keep up the awesome work and I will be here to encourage you along the way!

  3. 8 miles two weeks postpartum!!! Pace is entirely irrelevant here. Wow! Nervous is a good thing-it'll keep you from going overboard! Patience is not a virtue of mine either.

    Still plenty of time for Boston. Lots of changes with your body in even the next 4 weeks! Just make sure you listen to it! You are one determined gal! Will get you quite far I imagine!

  4. Look at it from another perspective... you just gave birth a short time ago and you are doing something MOST people cannot dream of doing. AR I am so proud of you and I know you will do awesome at Boston... you just need to know this is a new Adrienne in 2011. You are doing this not for the glory, or for time, but for your baby and BECAUSE you CAN! I hve faith in you and faith is my middle name (Cheesy, right) hah