Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things to Do When You Cannot Run…. and are waiting for a new little person to show up when he/she feels like it

Wow, that may be the longest blog title that I have ever posted!  I have not posted in over a week, but I have not had much to report or write about.  It is strange to think of posts for a blog that is titled “Running in Hingham” when the writer is not running at all nor is she aware of when she can resume running.

Since I quit running, my workouts have three variations- walking on the treadmill or with Cisco the dog, the elliptical and hot yoga.  It is interesting the looks I get when I am in public exercising.  Yes, my stomach looks like it might have a life of its own, but really… there is no need to stare!  I love hot yoga as always, but those twisting poses just are not happening right now….. but I am there and present, which is the most I can ask for these days.

Besides doing pregnant lady exercises, I have just been booking trips.  So far, I booked my hotel for the night before the NYC half, a weekend in Vermont and a week in the Virgin Islands.  My husband is not crazy about the idea of bringing an infant to New York, but if the celebrities can live there with their kids, we can visit with one. Traveling to the USVI with a two month old will be interesting, but I cannot imagine leaving the little one at home. 

On a more reflective note, I cannot believe that my pregnancy journey is coming to an end.  I am so anxious to get this show on the road and welcome this new little person into my life.   


  1. It will happen soon! Pack those hospital bags! :) xo

  2. The waiting is SO HARD at the end, and there are so many mixed emotions. I remember wanting the baby, but also fearing the unknown. All normal emotions,and when the time comes you will be running on adrenaline and excitement! And you'll return to running and you'll be faster than before:)

  3. I'm sure days seem like months by now! I'm so impressed how you stayed at it during your pregnancy. Very admirable! Running with a jogging stroller-good workout:)

  4. congrats on being this far in the pregnancy! hope things go smoothly!