Monday, December 20, 2010

Total Freak Out at the Gym Yesterday

Yesterday, my husband and I headed to the Planet Fitness for our Sunday tradition as of late. I had already walked/run 2 miles with Cisco during our morning jaunt(he had very important things to sniff while we were out), so my plan was to hit the treadmill and see what happened.

My groove was never present from the start. All my thoughts were consumed my the fact that my due date was exactly one month away. It is amazing and scary all at once. My emotions ranged from being thrilled to finally meet this little person to trepidation that I will be someone's mother. Because of the range of emotions, I never really felt like I zoned out on the treadmill yesterday, something that I am normally rather good at. Give me the feel of the belt, an I Pod Shuffle and a few televisions to glance at, and I am typically all set.

But, my pending due date was also on my gym partner's mind as well, and he almost demanded that I take it easy. I keep reminding him that any effort is taking it easy at this point comparative to how I used to work myself out, and that I too am not hoping to see the child fall out of me at the gym. Even though he was a few treadmills away, for the sake of not feeling his eyes on my back and my console the entire time, I decided to continue with the walk/run theme. I alternated a tenth of a mile fast walk with a half mile run at a 9:20 pace. I continued on my merry way for a little over an hour, completing about 6.5 miles.

Which led to my second total freakout- Boston is April 18, 2011. That means that Boston is less than 4 months away. I have to run 20 more miles then! Dear heavens..... I am just not sure how I can do that. Normally, one runs consistently and sees improvement. I have been running for the past 8 months and only seen decreased fitness, which is cleary not the upward trend a runner hopes for.

I had to ask myself- is trying to run a marathon three months postpartum just insane at this point? I have never been through this before, so I do not know. The only thing that I do know is the New Year hitting and Boston training kicking off. I am a girl who craves routine, savoring its familiarity. How will I fare with a huge life change if my life has no resemblance to normalcy?

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  1. What if you run Boston to finish it and to have fun and not for a time??