Monday, December 13, 2010

I think the Arc Trainer hates me....

Week 35, and I can still run. However, I have come to the realization that running two days in a row just is not worth it at all anymore. I hurt in places that are not blog friendly to write about.... But, one day off, and all seems to be fine with the world, and I am able to go back to it.

But, I do need some other forms of cardio besides running and spinning, so I have been a bit more receptive to the other crazy machines that exist at the gym. I feel as if my need for them now is penance for all those years of my snobbery towards them and their users. I admit it- I mocked them both and felt a little righteous as I hit the treadmill to run. Now, I have been put in my place.

My goal for the weekends is to get in at least one long cardio workout, meaning a workout of more than an hour. The thought is that these long workouts will keep some level of fitness until Baby Ramsey arrives into the world and I have to face the reality of Boston. Somehow, I managed to get in two long workouts this weekend. But, I had to be creative and use multiple machines to achieve it.

Saturday, I taught a one hour Spin class and then I headed to the cardio deck. I did my customary zippy elliptical routine for a half hour, just trying to ignore the numb feet that I seem to gain from the elliptical machine. (I have tried everything to get this feeling to stop, but nothing seems to work!) Then, I thought I would be bold and investigate the Arc Trainer.

I spent another half hour on the Arc Trainer, and I still do not get what I was doing.... namely, because the distance that showed up as being completed just seemed so low to me.... really, one mile in 20 minutes???? I can still run faster than that. However, the settings were for the hills and maybe it was the machine? But, the big seller was that my feet were not numb! The pins and needles that the elliptical brings on were not present.

Sunday, my husband and I returned to the gym. I hit the treadmill, getting in a solid hour run at a 9:30 pace. I do get bored with the pace, but I am honestly not sure if I can handle much more now. Then, I returned to my new nemesis for an additional half hour. It is not the machine- I tried a new one. For some reason, I am just really really slow on the Arc Trainer. Very demoralizing, but at least my feet are not ready to fall off from numbness.

Moral of the story- the Arc Trainer hates me. I deserve it though for all my years of snobbery.

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  1. My feet go numb on the elliptical too! But alas, you are a better person than I since you can hang on the dreadmill. I once spent 20 minutes on it...I felt like a superhero for lasting that long.