Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Rid of the Negativity


I think that my stress levels are starting to really get to me.  Today, I swore in front of my parents.  First, I never ever ever swear.  Honest to goodness!  It is just not me.  Next, if I were to swear, it would not be in front of my parents over whether or not a brand new baby dresser would fit in my car. 

Looking back at my last few posts, I realized that I have been very negative lately.  I am certainly not a Suzie Sunshine, but I do not fall into the Debbie Downer category either.  However, all I seem to do on my blog lately is complain about being pregnant although I have been SO incredibly lucky with this pregnancy.  After two years of trying to conceive and two miscarriages, I was certain that I was doomed to have a rough pregnancy.  However, there has been no morning sickness, no complications and so far, knock on wood, a really healthy baby.

My due date is less than one month away, and I can now start to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.  Instead of freaking out that running is really hard right now, I can focus on the fact that it should get a lot easier next month when I am not 9 months pregnant.  Instead of freaking out about the marathon, I can maybe take it easy on myself, and just try to run to finish like Liz suggested.  Instead of lamenting the loss of my fitness, I can start focusing on how my body has done something rather amazing over these past nine months.

New year, new attitude- I need to get rid of this negativity and start creating my own positive energy.  


  1. It is very hard to be eight months pregnant.... very hard. It will be equally hard when you have the baby -- for a while anyway. But you WILL get it back. It will be a struggle (only b/c once the baby comes you have to rely on others in order to get the runs in...) but it does come together. No, Boston will likely not be a PR, but it's a good goal. Be easy on's not an easy time for you, I know!

  2. The light is the end of the tunnel is almost here and all this negativity will disappear when you see that beautiful bundle of joy! This is the hardest part but pretty soon you will have a baby and I'm so excited for you!!!

  3. Thinking of you - the light is almost here!