Thursday, December 30, 2010

Full Circle


2009 did not end well for me.  I experienced my second miscarriage (eerily, a year after my first one) and was completely out of sorts.  I questioned many things at that point and did not feel completely whole at that point, believing that I was just terrible at the whole  baby incubating thing.  Way to feel like a woman….. January was a rough month for me, and I took solace in running.  Whenever I was feeling down, which was a lot, I just went down to my basement and hopped on my trusty treadmill.  It cleared my head for a little bit and was great for my marathon training.

Throughout the whole winter, I trained for Boston.  I am SO SO very lucky to have run this race four times now.  Honestly, training for the marathon was the only thing that kept me going over those months.  Looking back, I never realized how truly anguished that I was.  But, the reality of this training schedule kept me focused,  and I plugged away at it.

Running with Rich Brrr!!! But I love cold weather running!

February came along, and I continued to focus on my marathon training. My first test came at the Hyannis Half Marathon, where I ran somewhat of a frustrating race.  I ended up finishing in 1:46, which was perfectly fine,  but I never felt like I really pushed it.  Apparently, my gut was correct as I crossed the half at the actual marathon in 1:44.  Hyannis was great though, as many friends were there and we went to the British Beer Company afterwards.

Along came March, a trip to Mexico, the start of a back injury and some warmer temps- it was a good month!  In retrospect, the back injury probably aided my day, as I tapered and cross-trained a little earlier than planned.


I guess that  should be proud of myself that there is a big bottle of water on my table in this picture and not a  big pitcher of margaritas!

April arrived and I wrote down goals for the marathon. It worked, and I had the RACE OF MY LIFE!  I still cannot believe that it worked out so well.

IMG_0135Leann and I right before the race


Adrienne JR Livy and Charlies 

Smiling in Framingham


Adrienne Marathon

Still smiling right before the Newton hills

Bill and Adrienne Boston 2010

With Bill after the finish!

May arrived, and I worked with my Learn to Run students and ran with Liz for the last part of her first marathon…. I thought I was a little off that morning…. because later that week

Adrienne and Liz


I discovered that I was pregnant. 


So crazy- I really did not think that it would happen again so soon.  I lived nervously for a few months and continued to run along.



My favorite running partner!

Adrienne Mac and Colleen

Hingham 4th of July Race with Mac and Colleen-my last race as a secret pregnant lady


End of the Summer Classic- August in Bare Cove Park


Running in Hyde Park, London, with Courtney

Adrienne 25 Weeks

25 Weeks- After treadmill run in Geneva

Adrienne 29 Weeks

29 Weeks at home

And now….. I have come full circle from my emotional state a year ago.



Today- 37 Weeks…. and still walk/running/yogaing/spinning…

Yes, I think I have dropped. Baby Ramsey is ready!

2010 started off terribly.  Yet, it ended up being one of the best years of my life personally and professionally.  It became a year of new beginnings and new hopes, which was completely unexpected.  I learned a great deal about myself this year, lessons that I hope will carry me through 2011.


  1. 2011 is going to be so exciting for you :) Hope you and baby are hanging in there!

  2. I'm glad I was with Baby Ramsey for his/her first run!!! I'm so excited for you and I love all the running belly pictures- you are too cute : )