Friday, December 3, 2010

2011 Race Calendar

I am in full on nesting mode at this point.... I have just about 6 weeks until the baby arrives, and I cannot stop cleaning and throwing things away. The spray bottle and rag have been my constant companions. Next weekend, we are getting both new windows and new rugs, and I anticipate that moment at it means that we can finally set up the nursery furniture. After two plus years of trying to stay pregnant, it is hard to believe that this baby will be a reality. I am getting a tad bit excited needless to say.

I have had a great pregnancy. It has been rather uneventful, and Definitely, I am also ready to not be pregnant as I spent all of 2010 recovering from a miscarriage, training for Boston and being pregnant. 2010 has been the year that my body has not been mine, and although I plan on nursing, I hope to reclaim it a bit post-birth.

I am also angsty to start organizing my life for after the baby and have started to think about the 2011 race calendar. This upcoming year will not be competitive, but rather a return to normalcy.

Here are the races so far on my schedule. Mary will be coaching me so I do not hurt myself as I prep for the big day, so there might certainly be more.

April 19th: Boston Marathon (in other words, go big or go home! On a side note, I think I am the only runner that has not received a confirmed entry yet, and I think the lovely ladies at the registration office are tired of me calling once a week to ask about it!)

May 20-21: Reach the Beach Realy- Wachusetts to Westport (I am part of an all female team called "Eat, Pray, Run". Two notes- I have not told my husband that I signed up for this race yet. I also am wondering if my teammates will mind me bringing an infant and the Bob with us in the van if I am still nursing.)

June 26: Cohasset Triathlon (This race will be for pure fun and not competitive. I am a wannabe triathlete, but have not committed the time to training for the sport. However, I love the idea of being one, and have done this race a few times for fun.)

I only have three races so far on the schedule, but I am so excited to get back to it!

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  1. Great schedule! And can't think of a better coach than Mary! I hear that 8 months postpartum women get speedier than ever...din not experience that myself, but most women swear by it!