Thursday, December 30, 2010

Full Circle


2009 did not end well for me.  I experienced my second miscarriage (eerily, a year after my first one) and was completely out of sorts.  I questioned many things at that point and did not feel completely whole at that point, believing that I was just terrible at the whole  baby incubating thing.  Way to feel like a woman….. January was a rough month for me, and I took solace in running.  Whenever I was feeling down, which was a lot, I just went down to my basement and hopped on my trusty treadmill.  It cleared my head for a little bit and was great for my marathon training.

Throughout the whole winter, I trained for Boston.  I am SO SO very lucky to have run this race four times now.  Honestly, training for the marathon was the only thing that kept me going over those months.  Looking back, I never realized how truly anguished that I was.  But, the reality of this training schedule kept me focused,  and I plugged away at it.

Running with Rich Brrr!!! But I love cold weather running!

February came along, and I continued to focus on my marathon training. My first test came at the Hyannis Half Marathon, where I ran somewhat of a frustrating race.  I ended up finishing in 1:46, which was perfectly fine,  but I never felt like I really pushed it.  Apparently, my gut was correct as I crossed the half at the actual marathon in 1:44.  Hyannis was great though, as many friends were there and we went to the British Beer Company afterwards.

Along came March, a trip to Mexico, the start of a back injury and some warmer temps- it was a good month!  In retrospect, the back injury probably aided my day, as I tapered and cross-trained a little earlier than planned.


I guess that  should be proud of myself that there is a big bottle of water on my table in this picture and not a  big pitcher of margaritas!

April arrived and I wrote down goals for the marathon. It worked, and I had the RACE OF MY LIFE!  I still cannot believe that it worked out so well.

IMG_0135Leann and I right before the race


Adrienne JR Livy and Charlies 

Smiling in Framingham


Adrienne Marathon

Still smiling right before the Newton hills

Bill and Adrienne Boston 2010

With Bill after the finish!

May arrived, and I worked with my Learn to Run students and ran with Liz for the last part of her first marathon…. I thought I was a little off that morning…. because later that week

Adrienne and Liz


I discovered that I was pregnant. 


So crazy- I really did not think that it would happen again so soon.  I lived nervously for a few months and continued to run along.



My favorite running partner!

Adrienne Mac and Colleen

Hingham 4th of July Race with Mac and Colleen-my last race as a secret pregnant lady


End of the Summer Classic- August in Bare Cove Park


Running in Hyde Park, London, with Courtney

Adrienne 25 Weeks

25 Weeks- After treadmill run in Geneva

Adrienne 29 Weeks

29 Weeks at home

And now….. I have come full circle from my emotional state a year ago.



Today- 37 Weeks…. and still walk/running/yogaing/spinning…

Yes, I think I have dropped. Baby Ramsey is ready!

2010 started off terribly.  Yet, it ended up being one of the best years of my life personally and professionally.  It became a year of new beginnings and new hopes, which was completely unexpected.  I learned a great deal about myself this year, lessons that I hope will carry me through 2011.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Playlist #2

Here is tomorrow's playlist.... Very bittersweet as this is the last one that I will make for quite a few weeks as tomorrow is the last class that I will teach before I have the baby.

Let the River Run 3:42 Carly Simon

Fantasy 3:48 Earth Wind and Fire

My Vision (feat. Jakatta) 3:45 Seal

I Gotta Feeling 4:49 Black Eyed Peas The

Somethin' Special (Beijing Olympic Mix) 3:06 Colbie Caillat

One More Time 5:21 Daft Punk

Viva la Vida (Workout Mix) 4:35 Julian Marshall

Amazing (Kaskade Remix) [Bonus Track] 6:34 Seal

4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland) 4:05 Madonna

Brand New Day 6:20 Sting Brand New Day Rock

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year’s Playlist #1

One of my favorite things about teaching Spinning is the themed playlist.... With only two Spin classes left before maternity leave for Spinning starts, I have created two playlists to close out 2010. Here is #1, which is a little more pop heavy than the one I will use on Thursday morning.

Playlist NY

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Rid of the Negativity


I think that my stress levels are starting to really get to me.  Today, I swore in front of my parents.  First, I never ever ever swear.  Honest to goodness!  It is just not me.  Next, if I were to swear, it would not be in front of my parents over whether or not a brand new baby dresser would fit in my car. 

Looking back at my last few posts, I realized that I have been very negative lately.  I am certainly not a Suzie Sunshine, but I do not fall into the Debbie Downer category either.  However, all I seem to do on my blog lately is complain about being pregnant although I have been SO incredibly lucky with this pregnancy.  After two years of trying to conceive and two miscarriages, I was certain that I was doomed to have a rough pregnancy.  However, there has been no morning sickness, no complications and so far, knock on wood, a really healthy baby.

My due date is less than one month away, and I can now start to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.  Instead of freaking out that running is really hard right now, I can focus on the fact that it should get a lot easier next month when I am not 9 months pregnant.  Instead of freaking out about the marathon, I can maybe take it easy on myself, and just try to run to finish like Liz suggested.  Instead of lamenting the loss of my fitness, I can start focusing on how my body has done something rather amazing over these past nine months.

New year, new attitude- I need to get rid of this negativity and start creating my own positive energy.  

Monday, December 20, 2010

Total Freak Out at the Gym Yesterday

Yesterday, my husband and I headed to the Planet Fitness for our Sunday tradition as of late. I had already walked/run 2 miles with Cisco during our morning jaunt(he had very important things to sniff while we were out), so my plan was to hit the treadmill and see what happened.

My groove was never present from the start. All my thoughts were consumed my the fact that my due date was exactly one month away. It is amazing and scary all at once. My emotions ranged from being thrilled to finally meet this little person to trepidation that I will be someone's mother. Because of the range of emotions, I never really felt like I zoned out on the treadmill yesterday, something that I am normally rather good at. Give me the feel of the belt, an I Pod Shuffle and a few televisions to glance at, and I am typically all set.

But, my pending due date was also on my gym partner's mind as well, and he almost demanded that I take it easy. I keep reminding him that any effort is taking it easy at this point comparative to how I used to work myself out, and that I too am not hoping to see the child fall out of me at the gym. Even though he was a few treadmills away, for the sake of not feeling his eyes on my back and my console the entire time, I decided to continue with the walk/run theme. I alternated a tenth of a mile fast walk with a half mile run at a 9:20 pace. I continued on my merry way for a little over an hour, completing about 6.5 miles.

Which led to my second total freakout- Boston is April 18, 2011. That means that Boston is less than 4 months away. I have to run 20 more miles then! Dear heavens..... I am just not sure how I can do that. Normally, one runs consistently and sees improvement. I have been running for the past 8 months and only seen decreased fitness, which is cleary not the upward trend a runner hopes for.

I had to ask myself- is trying to run a marathon three months postpartum just insane at this point? I have never been through this before, so I do not know. The only thing that I do know is the New Year hitting and Boston training kicking off. I am a girl who craves routine, savoring its familiarity. How will I fare with a huge life change if my life has no resemblance to normalcy?

Monday, December 13, 2010

I think the Arc Trainer hates me....

Week 35, and I can still run. However, I have come to the realization that running two days in a row just is not worth it at all anymore. I hurt in places that are not blog friendly to write about.... But, one day off, and all seems to be fine with the world, and I am able to go back to it.

But, I do need some other forms of cardio besides running and spinning, so I have been a bit more receptive to the other crazy machines that exist at the gym. I feel as if my need for them now is penance for all those years of my snobbery towards them and their users. I admit it- I mocked them both and felt a little righteous as I hit the treadmill to run. Now, I have been put in my place.

My goal for the weekends is to get in at least one long cardio workout, meaning a workout of more than an hour. The thought is that these long workouts will keep some level of fitness until Baby Ramsey arrives into the world and I have to face the reality of Boston. Somehow, I managed to get in two long workouts this weekend. But, I had to be creative and use multiple machines to achieve it.

Saturday, I taught a one hour Spin class and then I headed to the cardio deck. I did my customary zippy elliptical routine for a half hour, just trying to ignore the numb feet that I seem to gain from the elliptical machine. (I have tried everything to get this feeling to stop, but nothing seems to work!) Then, I thought I would be bold and investigate the Arc Trainer.

I spent another half hour on the Arc Trainer, and I still do not get what I was doing.... namely, because the distance that showed up as being completed just seemed so low to me.... really, one mile in 20 minutes???? I can still run faster than that. However, the settings were for the hills and maybe it was the machine? But, the big seller was that my feet were not numb! The pins and needles that the elliptical brings on were not present.

Sunday, my husband and I returned to the gym. I hit the treadmill, getting in a solid hour run at a 9:30 pace. I do get bored with the pace, but I am honestly not sure if I can handle much more now. Then, I returned to my new nemesis for an additional half hour. It is not the machine- I tried a new one. For some reason, I am just really really slow on the Arc Trainer. Very demoralizing, but at least my feet are not ready to fall off from numbness.

Moral of the story- the Arc Trainer hates me. I deserve it though for all my years of snobbery.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Six Weeks from Now

Six weeks from now, my due date will have passed. I am still in a little bit of denial that I am about to have an actual baby. It should not be such a shock as my life is filled with signs of this reality. My stomach is larger than it has ever been, and there are unopened boxes containing high chairs, pack N' plays and carseats scattered throughout my house. Yet, I still have not set up the nursery, and today, I decided to squeeze into my prepregnancy pants to see if they still fit. (Verdict- yes, I can button and zipper them under my stomach so off to work I went in them. BTW, this is nothing to be proud of, just the result of my anti-maternity clothes lunancy.)

Six weeks from now, my life will start to return to normal while at the same point be completely turned upside down. My running has been so/so lately, and I am excited to return to working at it. However, I know that I will have a little friend (and Cisco) by my side as I start to push my body back into shape. I am SO excited to be an athlete again, but so nervous to face the reality of how much fitness I have lost over these past eight months. But, I cannot wait to sweat really badly and hurt. My little bundle of joy will arrive in this world at a time when it will be a bit too cold to hit the roads with the Bob stroller. Thus, I hope Baby Ramsey likes the sound of the treadmill. I am starting to wonder how many miles I will place on my home treadmill over the winter months.

Six weeks from now, I will embark on a whole new adventure. Needless to say, I am ready.

Friday, December 3, 2010

2011 Race Calendar

I am in full on nesting mode at this point.... I have just about 6 weeks until the baby arrives, and I cannot stop cleaning and throwing things away. The spray bottle and rag have been my constant companions. Next weekend, we are getting both new windows and new rugs, and I anticipate that moment at it means that we can finally set up the nursery furniture. After two plus years of trying to stay pregnant, it is hard to believe that this baby will be a reality. I am getting a tad bit excited needless to say.

I have had a great pregnancy. It has been rather uneventful, and Definitely, I am also ready to not be pregnant as I spent all of 2010 recovering from a miscarriage, training for Boston and being pregnant. 2010 has been the year that my body has not been mine, and although I plan on nursing, I hope to reclaim it a bit post-birth.

I am also angsty to start organizing my life for after the baby and have started to think about the 2011 race calendar. This upcoming year will not be competitive, but rather a return to normalcy.

Here are the races so far on my schedule. Mary will be coaching me so I do not hurt myself as I prep for the big day, so there might certainly be more.

April 19th: Boston Marathon (in other words, go big or go home! On a side note, I think I am the only runner that has not received a confirmed entry yet, and I think the lovely ladies at the registration office are tired of me calling once a week to ask about it!)

May 20-21: Reach the Beach Realy- Wachusetts to Westport (I am part of an all female team called "Eat, Pray, Run". Two notes- I have not told my husband that I signed up for this race yet. I also am wondering if my teammates will mind me bringing an infant and the Bob with us in the van if I am still nursing.)

June 26: Cohasset Triathlon (This race will be for pure fun and not competitive. I am a wannabe triathlete, but have not committed the time to training for the sport. However, I love the idea of being one, and have done this race a few times for fun.)

I only have three races so far on the schedule, but I am so excited to get back to it!