Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New York, New York


Right now, I am inspired by all the things I cannot really do.  Like run marathons…. and drink fall beers which are just so very good…..

This past weekend, the New York City Marathon occurred.  NYCM has a super special place in my heart as it was my first.  Honestly, if I did not have that experience, who knows if I would have done more? 

I have only completed one small marathon- Hartford.  And, on that day, we randomly managed to run with Dean Karnazes as he completed 50 marathons in 50 states, and Leanne, Jen and I ended up on the marathon homepage (and we still are).  Needless to say, we received a lot of excitement for a small marathon.

Adrienne, Leann and Jen

We look so happy there…. as it was just at the start. 

But, what am I wearing around my neck!

But, back to New York.  Following the race this weekend, I was brought back to my own journey to the marathon.  That day in 2005, I became a marathoner.  It was an achievement that I never would have thought possible. Thus, every year since, though I have yet to return to the race, I am excited for the event.

Last Sunday, I tracked Liz and Ryan who were both running their first NYC marathons.  (Liz is my buddy, and Ryan is my colleague’s husband.) Both Liz and Ryan ran great races, and it was great to see their hard training be so successful.  I think there may have been a fist pump in my kitchen by myself after I knew of their separate finishes. Clearly, I also loved watching Massachusetts girl Shalane Flanagan kick butt and earn second place.  The women’s race was so intense, and I felt like a super geek checking the twitter and blog feed on it.

In other words, I was living vicariously and perhaps a little enviously.   I realized how marathons offer us all a way to concretely chase our dreams. They give us the opportunity to honor ourselves and our human bodies. Marathons give us some confidence that we do have something remarkable inside. 

Oh, I love marathons. 

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  1. And me and marathons love you!!! I thought about you on Sunday. Trying to really enjoy the race and take everything in. I missed you the final 6 miles!! You are famous on the Hartford website! So cool AR. PS- I'm looking into Boston... shhh. I said I was done with marathons but I feel like I NEED to run Boston, ya know!