Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is the Experiment Coming to an End?

Tomorrow could be the end of my little experiment with pregnancy and running. As I have progressed through the months, my motivation to run was the annual Hingham Turkey Trot. My inner thoughts kept focusing on this race, and that reason came out of my mouth whenever anyone asked me how long I planned to run until. Well, tomorrow is that day, and I am sad that it is eminent. I wonder what I will use to motivate myself.

The secret is that as much as I have complained about being slow, crotch pain and so forth, I actually have looked forward to running throughout these past 32 weeks. It has made me feel more like myself, and sweat remains cathartic for my mind. Spending that time on the the treadmill is a purge of sorts, allowing me to melt some of the anxiety that each week of pregnancy brings to me.

As the weeks have progressed, I have come more to terms with my changing body and embraced my new running for what it is- pretty awesome. I gave myself a figurative pat on the back when I completed 7 miles this past Sunday, and I bounced out of bed at 4:30 this morning excited to run. This part of my life helps me in a way that nothing else really does. Am I willing to give it up for the remaining weeks after I finish the race tomorrow? I am not ready for this journey to end, so perhaps that is my answer.

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  1. I was just on coolrunning and I saw that there was a hingham race and I wondered if you ran it. Of course you did!