Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Coming to Terms….

I have been so lucky with this little pregnancy experiment- KNOCK ON WOOD! (Seeing that I still have 2 plus months to go, I cannot be jinxing myself.)  No morning sickness, no major issues except for suspected placenta previa that seems to have cured itself….  and, I am still running… and spinning….. but not doing much yoga which I thought I would end up doing a ton of.  I have always admired those mystical women in articles who tout yoga as the key to their pregnancies and deliveries, but have made zero effort to become zen like as they are.

Certainly, it has been a transitional time.  I ran the Boston marathon, had a great race and then BOOM- unexpected pregnancy.  I went from being in the best shape of my life to having another life take over me.  Initially, as I thought my running was interfering with both getting and staying pregnant, I had planned that I would not run throughout my pregnancy.  However, I was teaching a “Learn to Run” class and had no choice but to keep running.  So along I went.

I slowed down a lot and definitely cut down on the distance.  But, in the first few months, that was easy.   Yes, I was being selfish in my own little way complaining about how slow I became, and of course, now I am realizing that I should have been grateful that at least it felt easy then.  My husband snapped this picture of me on the treadmill on Sunday.  Do you think running with this body is easy? 

Adrienne 29 Weeks

Well, it is not….. and it is getting hard to stay motivated to keep going!  I go through lots of thoughts regarding what I am trying to prove to both myself and others.

I know that I am totally whiny today and am actually very fortunate that my body is allowing me to actually run.  But, I am also starting to realize that these challenges are just the tip of the iceberg of the challenges I will face in 2011, and that fact is perhaps making me even more on edge.

For now, I will keep running but try to come to terms with the fact that change is here.  It is time to come to terms with it.


  1. You look fantastic, though! :)
    The challenges are different after you give birth and the baby is OUT! But yes, this is the first step... not having your body be your body... having to share it. It is not easy.

  2. You look so amazing and I'm so happy you are able to run!!! Obviously it is a huge passion of Baby Ramsey too!

  3. So far, what are your biggest challenges while running? Is it uncomfortable? Do people make nasty comments? Do you have to pee all the time? I find that I can barely make it a quarter mile before my bladder feels like it's going to explode...and I'm only 5 months along!