Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There’s No Place Like Home


Despite my recent world travels, there is no place like home. Courtney and I ran all over Europe, including an amazing predawn run along the Seine in Paris. But, at home, I looked forward to one thing. The first morning I was back to Hingham, I did one of my most favorite things- I ran with Cisco the dog.  He is such a great running partner. 



I know I am wearing a sweet outfit…. I am sure my husband appreciated my look when I showed up wearing more neon than the late 80s to the Presidential Fitness Challenge for kids that he helped to organize. (I am also sporting bright pink socks if it is not apparent in the picture.)

Cisco and I traveled almost four miles, and then I went to the gym to run over four more.  Slowing down my speed has made the pain I have been experiencing really subside.  Now, running is really enjoyable.  I feel like I am accomplishing so much.

Though I did not wear my lovely outfit, I was in all my spandexed glory at the gym.  I belong to a gym where many girls do the elliptical while talking to each other and wearing sweats with words on their rearends.  It is certainly not the most fancy place, but it is inexpensive, and I don’t really know anyone there.  Therefore, I get there, do my workout and get out.  Efficient!  Lately, I have been definitely receiving stares there, like who is the crazy pregnant lady in spandex running on the treadmill.  But, since I don’t know anyone, I really just do not care.

Needless to say, I was SO pumped that I ran almost 8 miles that day.   I have not been able to run that far in months…. but now I realize that I probably could have been was just holding back. 

I was reading the new Runners’ World today and loved the article on Bart Yasso.  It stated that he accepted his limitations as he struggled with Lyme Disease and who “when he realized he couldn’t run fast anymore, ran slow and found joy in that.”  This thought really resonated with me.  Running for me right now means surrendering to the limitations that my body is placing on me.  Yet, instead of making me more frustrated, running has made me more forgiving of myself. 


  1. Great outfit! And nice job staying active while pregnant. When are you due?

  2. I am due on January 19th. I just signed up for Boston; does running that marathon postpartum sound familiar +) ?