Saturday, October 9, 2010

Running in Rome


I love visiting new cities, and one the of many perks of my full time employment is this opportunity.  Arriving in a new city means new explorations and new experiences, and should life be measured  by these, it is wise to treasure each one.

Since 2007, I have traveled to Europe each fall representing my institution.  Running in each city has become somewhat of a tradition.  I have run past the Prado in Madrid, along the banks of the Seine and most recently in Hyde Park among many others.  For the first time,, I was able to experience running in Rome.  My work travels brought me here, and I immediately seized the opportunity to add this marvel to my list.



Courtney, my travel partner, and I decided to forgo our run on Friday.  We worked straight through the day (yes, I promise we do work on these trips) and could not resist the call of Italian pasta for a late lunch.  Needless to say, being just a few days short of 6 1/2 months pregnant, lunch was quite necessary.  After filling ourselves full of lovely Italian carbohydrates, we spent much time walking and traversing the city. 

However, Saturday morning we needed to run.  We headed from our hotel and into the Villa Borghese.  This park is quite hilly, and I must have looked like quite the site as my pregnant belly in all its spandex glory slowly trudged up its hills.  Though I did not manage another 10K, we did complete 5 miles in 48 minutes.  Clearly, the hills and all our walking from the day before slowed me considerably.  The mission was complete though, and we ended our time in Rome in a fitting manner.

I sit on the train to Milan right now, wondering when my next run will be.  What will I encounter next?

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