Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Running in Kilometers


One week home, and now another two weeks back in hotels….. Although I hate leaving my husband and golden, I am terribly lucky that this trip brings me to Europe.  Right now, I am in London, where the weather is misty and the hotel gym is not that bad! 

I spend a lot of time in the fall visiting hotel gyms.  Some are downright terrible and do not even deserve the gym moniker. Courtney, my travel partner, reminded me of the time last fall when the gym at our hotel in Paris was heated.  Yes, it was about 95 degrees in there- like running in the middle of the day during the summer!  Others are amazing- the Sheraton gym in New Orleans comes to mind. 

A challenge is always presented when running on a treadmill in a country that is not the US; the darn thing is in kilometers.  I am dreadful at math, so trying to figure out how many kilometers equals a mile is awful.  But, trying to calculate how many kilometers per hour equals how many minutes per mile is a whole other disaster, and one that I cannot figure out still after all these travel seasons.

However, the kilometers per hour dilemma gave me a break from focusing on the numbers.  Being pregnant, running on the treadmill means a constant reminder of how much slower I am pace-wise and how I am only hitting 3.5 miles when I typically have completed four.  Without even consciously choosing to think these things, I do it as the NUMBERS are directly in front of me.  Today, when I was running on the treadmill at the hotel gym, I received a much needed break from this mind game as I could not calculate the numbers.  Yes, I was faced with it at the 5K mark and the 10K mark, but it only happened twice.  Other times I could not figure it out and was forced to ignore it.

Numbers are a great training tool.  We know how many miles we should run on a long run during training season.  We use splits to help us determine a predicted race time.  Numbers assist us with goal setting. 

I am an athlete in a bit of a rest period right now.  And, not being able to see the numbers gave me two gifts today.  First, I was able to give myself a break mentally.  Second, my run was just for pure exercise and enjoyment.  I ran because I could.   I ran because I liked it.  (And, my whole issue with the stretching ligaments in the pelvic area was not as bad because I was not pushing as fast…. talk about learning to listen to your body!)

How many times have I let myself become wrapped up in the numbers game with running?  How can I use the next three months as a time to focus on running by feel rather than running by the numbers?  So many things to consider…..

On a less serious note, pictures from after the workout today…. the belly is getting huge….

Adrienne 25 Weeks

And, a lovely sweaty shot of me after the run…..

AR 25 Weeks

I promise I do clean myself up at times…. Here is a picture from our friend’s wedding this weekend. 



  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! WOMAN, you are doing fantastic with the whole preggers/running thing. Just start dividing your pace by 2...since you're running for two!

    I'm glad my post was a little reminder. This is such an exciting time in your life and it's OK if your pace slips. Nobody runs fast during pregnancy, it's the "running" at all this is a feat. You have a BEAUTIFUL belly, cute and round! Deep breaths, deep breaths!

    :) sonja

  2. I'm so impressed you've kept up running while you're expecting - I hope to do the same someday :) Cute blog too!