Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another 10K

Just when I thought I would have to start cutting down, I have managed to run two 10KS this week.... Typically, that is nothing in a week. However, I am finding that if I go slower, I have less issues with the pelvic stretching. Go figure! Who knew it would be that simple.

I am still in London, but my colleague Courtney had her I Pod sensor to measure the mileage. We ran through Kensington and into Hyde Park, visiting Peter along the way.

Peter Pan is so magical- love him!

All in all, we completed 6 miles at a 9:15 pace. I was super impressed with myself again. And very grateful to Courtney as she was willing to run with me and the belly.


  1. Such an amazing piece of work, isn't it? Both the statue and Barrie's story. :) Did you know Barrie didn't like the statue? He comminssioned it but the sculptor (Frampton) ignored his photos he took of Michael Llewelyn Davies (one of the boys he wrote it for and had been inspired by.) Barrie said the statue doesn't show the devil in Peter! :)

    And here's some books for you.
    First, a continuation based on Barrie's notes for more:
    And then a novel just for grown-ups, which takes the story and characters on a very different path:
    Both are great!
    Enjoy... and enjoy your stay in London. What a inspiring place! :D


  2. I love Hyde Park. It seems endless! I remember walking around for a few hours and only seeing half of it. I wish I was into running when I visited. My most recent travel run was in Wales. That was also pretty amazing. :)