Monday, September 13, 2010

I felt like a runner today….


Workout- 5 miles, 45:50, on the treadmill

This morning, when I first got to work,  I stumbled upon the Run Like A Mother Book  blog via google reader.  Here, Dimity, one of the authors, wrote how she decided while pregnaBant to run the Nike Women’s Marathon.  She “needed something for me”.  Reading her entry, I just got it so completely.  Baby Ramsey is only about halfway there, but right now, I am itching for something that is for me.  I read Liz’s blog  and get jealous about her NYC marathon training in the same way that I used to read pregnancy blogs and feel wistful about that.  Yes, I completely realize the irony of that! 

When reading Dimity’s reflection today, I just got it.   I may not love the  limitations that pregnancy brings in terms of athletic pursuits, but I smile every time I realize that I will have a baby in January.  And, then I smile even more when I think of the nice Bob stroller that I will be running with that little baby over the roads.  This image is inspiring me to keep running, knowing that I can share this with my new companion as well as return to being me.

I was on the phone with a colleague close to my workout time and was totally thinking of ditching my run today.  But, I was inspired by the post today and decided to head over to the gym to use the treadmill.  I had ONE of the BEST runs that I have had since I was pregnant.  Today I was not frustrated because I am slower than I once was.  I was instead thinking of this as training for me runs to come.  Base mileage if you will.

Most importantly, I felt like a runner today, instead of a pregnant lady.  I had a little confidence that my life is not just all about carrying this little human, although certainly that is my most important task right now.  I was a runner first in my mind for 45 minutes, and it was awesome.


  1. hey adrienne--thanks for the nice words, and glad my thoughts resonated with you. definitely plan something just for you after baby R. is born--doesn't have to be a full marathon--but you deserve a little me, this-is-what-I-was-like-pre-baby time after you have the pumpkin. good luck with everything--and nice run today!

  2. Hi there! Have you read the latest Runners World with Kara Gaucher and Paula Radcliffe? Its a must- go pick it up!! They are elite runners who are now running 7:30 pace : ) Wish you could run the last 6 miles with me on Nov. 7th!