Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Travel Season Has Arrived

For the past five Septembers, my life gets completely thrown up in the air. My job requires that I spend most of the fall traveling, visiting high schools in the US and Europe. Great fun- I love my job and meeting the kids and counselors! However, both my workout schedule and Internet time are severely disrupted. Yikes!

I traveled throughout the state of New Jersey for the past few weeks. Travel season is very busy. I typically leave the hotel around 7AM and get back anywhere from 8-10 PM. It makes for a long day! This year, I was EXTRA tired, and I think that week 24might have something to do with it.

Because I was at hotels and it was very early in the morning, every one of my workouts was done at the hotel gym. Secretly, I did not care because it allows me some quality time with the object of my affection- the treadmill. I realize that most people hate the treadmill, but I LOVE IT!!!!! It keeps me honest, and more importantly, I feel like a wimp if I don't reach my goals. It is the Jillian Michaels of my world. I also ventured to the elliptical which is highly unusual for me. Maddingly, I find lately that I cannot run two days in a row anymore. I am sore in the baby area the next day after a run- I am not sure why or if it means I need a maternity support belt.... all these things to figure out. But, what most shocked me was that I had solid workouts on the elliptical. It was not running, but I did not feel that it was without purpose.

I am home for a week until I head to Europe. I have so many thoughts swirling through my head right now that I cannot wait to have a little bit more time this week for a more reflective post.

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  1. I also LOVE LOVE the treadmill!!! And I have recently figured out a way to make the eliptical a workout- interval training and high resistance! Good luck with your travels.