Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Travel Season Has Arrived

For the past five Septembers, my life gets completely thrown up in the air. My job requires that I spend most of the fall traveling, visiting high schools in the US and Europe. Great fun- I love my job and meeting the kids and counselors! However, both my workout schedule and Internet time are severely disrupted. Yikes!

I traveled throughout the state of New Jersey for the past few weeks. Travel season is very busy. I typically leave the hotel around 7AM and get back anywhere from 8-10 PM. It makes for a long day! This year, I was EXTRA tired, and I think that week 24might have something to do with it.

Because I was at hotels and it was very early in the morning, every one of my workouts was done at the hotel gym. Secretly, I did not care because it allows me some quality time with the object of my affection- the treadmill. I realize that most people hate the treadmill, but I LOVE IT!!!!! It keeps me honest, and more importantly, I feel like a wimp if I don't reach my goals. It is the Jillian Michaels of my world. I also ventured to the elliptical which is highly unusual for me. Maddingly, I find lately that I cannot run two days in a row anymore. I am sore in the baby area the next day after a run- I am not sure why or if it means I need a maternity support belt.... all these things to figure out. But, what most shocked me was that I had solid workouts on the elliptical. It was not running, but I did not feel that it was without purpose.

I am home for a week until I head to Europe. I have so many thoughts swirling through my head right now that I cannot wait to have a little bit more time this week for a more reflective post.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I felt like a runner today….


Workout- 5 miles, 45:50, on the treadmill

This morning, when I first got to work,  I stumbled upon the Run Like A Mother Book  blog via google reader.  Here, Dimity, one of the authors, wrote how she decided while pregnaBant to run the Nike Women’s Marathon.  She “needed something for me”.  Reading her entry, I just got it so completely.  Baby Ramsey is only about halfway there, but right now, I am itching for something that is for me.  I read Liz’s blog  and get jealous about her NYC marathon training in the same way that I used to read pregnancy blogs and feel wistful about that.  Yes, I completely realize the irony of that! 

When reading Dimity’s reflection today, I just got it.   I may not love the  limitations that pregnancy brings in terms of athletic pursuits, but I smile every time I realize that I will have a baby in January.  And, then I smile even more when I think of the nice Bob stroller that I will be running with that little baby over the roads.  This image is inspiring me to keep running, knowing that I can share this with my new companion as well as return to being me.

I was on the phone with a colleague close to my workout time and was totally thinking of ditching my run today.  But, I was inspired by the post today and decided to head over to the gym to use the treadmill.  I had ONE of the BEST runs that I have had since I was pregnant.  Today I was not frustrated because I am slower than I once was.  I was instead thinking of this as training for me runs to come.  Base mileage if you will.

Most importantly, I felt like a runner today, instead of a pregnant lady.  I had a little confidence that my life is not just all about carrying this little human, although certainly that is my most important task right now.  I was a runner first in my mind for 45 minutes, and it was awesome.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three Decent Workouts

I REALLY hate not having anything to train for. I am trying the race once a month philosophy, but two realities are hitting me hard. First, I cannot work on pace. I just need to run right now. Next, I am not a superhero woman who will run a marathon or even a half while she is pregnant. It was a long road to this baby. Though I am assured that the baby will not fall out of me running, I cannot imagine running at my current pace for that many miles. Thus, I am limited to 10Ks or less, which is not really a challenge.

But, I keep trudging along with it. This week, so far, I have taught Spinning on Tuesday,which was awesome. (Yes, I realize it is smug to say it was a good class! But we really kicked butt that day.)

Here is the playlist:

Sunday Morning 4:05 Maroon 5
Mr. Brightside 3:43 The Killers
Viva! (Orion Mix) 3:16 Bond
Sun Is Shining (Radio Mix) 3:02 Yanou
Just the Way You Are 3:41 Bruno Mars
Teenage Dream 3:48 Katy Perry
Stop for a Minute (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix) [feat. K'naan] 4:26 Keane
Jump N' Move 3:19 The Brand New Heavies Featuring Jamalski Let's Never Stop Falling In Love 3:02 Pink Martini
Viva la Vida (Workout Mix) 4:35 Julian Marshall
So Lonely 4:48 The Police
Mine 3:51 Taylor Swift (Yes, using this song makes me a tween)

I know the instructor is know really supposed to get her workout in, but I have been trying to really work myself during the classes. Work at Babson has been busy, and I do not always have the chance to workout during lunch anymore.

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to hit the gym. Unfortunately, the air was hot and heavy as our gym is not air conditioned and the treadmills are on the second floor. The temperature outside was not much better, and I figured this was my best option. So I hopped on, ran my four miles as that is all I can manage in the time and had crazy hair and flushed cheeks for the rest of the day. Even with taking a shower (no shampoo), I never quite cooled down. I hate when that happens!

This morning I woke up at 4:30, which has been an annoying habit of mine for the past few weeks. I have no clue why it is happening. Typically, I try to go back to sleep. I tried this unsuccessfully until I just got up at 5, ran 3 miles on the treadmill as it was rather dark and then took Cisco the dog outside for two more. Success- another workout snuck past a sleeping husband!

All of these workouts were okay, but not great. But, then my friend Courtney put it in perspective for me, reminding me that some pregnant people are not even allowed to exercise. Oh yes, I need to remember this and start being grateful that this baby belly can still run. It is permissible to have okay workouts. Not everday can be done at high intensity in a training cycle, so why am I thinking that this will happen in a pregnancy? I need to think of the pregnancy more as a base phase, where I am just building, trying to keep the engines going.

One picture- 21 weeks

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Know It's Not Far....

But, it is something! I ran a little over 5 miles tonight. It was the perfect late summer night, cool but warm enough to still be dressed in a tank and a running skirt.... and a pregnant belly.

Before I headed out, my husband asked how far I was going to go. I answered vaguely and headed along my way. He and my father spent some time together today, and both made each other more paranoid that running is going to cause the baby to fall out of me. I am not sure where these two received their medical degrees....

But, despite the feeling of having to pee the entire last half mile, I made it without this or any other calamity occuring. I am slow, but I am enjoying the fact that I am still out there.