Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Well, I have hit 18 weeks of pregnancy.  So far, so good.  Baby Ramsey has not caused too much trouble for me yet!

Being the crazy woman that I am, I am determined to get through the next few weeks of summer with wearing my normal clothes.  There are  a few things that are on the taboo list, and I have been making do with some of my looser fitting clothing.  For example, it was actually serendipity that I bought too big pants after completing a 20  miler in preparation for Boston.  My things and butt were swollen when I went shopping that afternoon. They were big for awhile, but now they are accommodating the bulging belly.

I have one little problem though- I need longer workout shirts.  Between the growing chest and stomach, I feel somewhat indecent.  I need to cover up both the girls and the burgeoning baby.  I remembered that my friend Polly loves the shirts by lucy, as they are longer than the normal shirt.  With a little persuasion and a promise that he could visit the Yard House during my shopping, my husband agreed to head to Legacy Place in Dedham so I could visit the nearest lucy location.

I was not disappointed.  A super cute girl named Beth helped me find some shirts that will stretch as I grow.  I also found a pair of shorts that I think will work a little later down the road.

Here is the damage….

IMG_0317 IMG_0318

This top is definitely for yoga and spin…. Need a little bit more support for running.



These two will definitely work for running.  They are very long right now so I hoping they will fit over the growing belly down the line.



Love that these shorts have a zip pocket in the back!

The other great part of lucy is that they offer a pro discount.  I brought in a copy of my Spin Certification, filled out a form and received a card that gives me 30% off.  It was painless and super easy.


  1. Oh, that's good to know about Lucy. Glad the pregnancy is going well!

  2. Score- what great purchases and 30% off. Awesome AR! I'm checking out Lucys stuff now : )