Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's Rock Playlist

Well, maybe Christopher Cross does not count as rock, but it is still a great cool down song.....


Let's Spend The Night Together 3:28 The Rolling Stones

Sweet Child O' Mine 5:56 Guns N' Roses

Right Now 5:22 Van Halen

Paranoid 2:48 Black Sabbath

Jessica 7:29 The Allman Brothers Band

Take Me Home Tonight 3:31 Eddie Money

It's My Life 3:51 Bon Jovi

More Than a Feeling 4:47 Boston Boston 1

We Belong 3:42 Pat Benatar Greatest Hits Rock

Sailing 4:15 Christopher Cross


  1. Heyyyy just jumping in with a CONGRATULATIONS!!! You'll be marathoning again before you know it.. plus NOW is the important marathon. Hope it's going smoothly.

  2. I am preplexed....I just saw your post over on Cynthia's blog (I am her guest blogger next month) so I came over here to check out your blog & see this post from rach (who happens to be a friend of mine)! Holy tiny little internet world. Anyhow, I am amy. I live & teach spin in Cohasset. I have been totally out of the tri/running loop this year - taking the season off - but rach used to coach me! lol. Where do you teach?