Thursday, August 5, 2010

End of Summer Classic


It has been a frustrating summer running-wise.  Although I am super excited to be expecting my first child, I am a completely different athlete now from the girl who ran 3:36 in a marathon less than 5 months ago.  Has that much really changed in that short a period? Well, except the fact that I am growing a person?

I came out of that marathon feeling strong and very confident in abilities with excitement building for the short summer races.  I wanted to go fast!  Vroom!

Looking back, I remember running the end of the Providence Marathon with Liz and feeling that morning that I did not have my usual zip.  It was awesome and such an honor to run with her during her first marathon that I shrugged it off. But, thinking about how I felt after Boston last year and running speedy 5Ks, and then thinking back to post-Boston this year, I should have known something was up.

At least what was up was great news!

But, and I know this is SO selfish, but a little part of me was missing. I love training for a race, even more than I love running the actual race itself.  There is something so lovely about training plans and looking back on a week and seeing what one has accomplished. I love my  L St buddies and escaping my house on Sunday morning. Although I complain about my lack of speed, I think I missed training even more.  Even worse, I was losing major motivation and being a big Debbie Downer.  What is that point of running if I don’t have a goal to work towards?  Mrs. Negative Attitude- that was me!

This week, I came to a realization.  I am not going to get any faster in the next few months, but only slower.  So, what if I can adjust my goals?  What if my goal can be to participate in one race a month until I deliver this baby?  What if I can stop being discouraged about my lack of speed and start celebrating my healthy pregnancy?  That can be my training goal- bingo!

Enter the End of Summer Classic. 


This race through Bare Cove Park in Hingham and sponsored by Marathon Sports has become a favorite of mine.  The first year the race was run, it advertised itself as a four miler.  I remember crossing the finish line and thinking that I must have been very slow.  (Looking at the results later, it turned out that the course was a little longer than four.) 

Last year, my husband Bill ran it with me.  The organizers extended the race to 5 miles, and it was such a great way to unwind after the workday.   We ran and chatted and then met up with some friends at the post race party. That is another great thing about the race- it takes place during the week.  So, on a summer night, you can go run by the water!


Plus, it would be so lame of me to miss a race that I have run every one of since its existence just because I am nervous that I will not be happy with my time. For that reason alone, the End of Summer Classic is not to be missed.  I am glad that I can use it to start my new goals- run, enjoy and celebrate! Now, I just have a few more weeks to train for the race, and I know that this little goal will keep me motivated.

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