Saturday, August 28, 2010

End of Summer Classic- the Recap


My little buddy Cisco and I are big fans of Bare Cove Park in Hingham. There are lots of trails, water views and many other dog friends to meet and greet.  Plus, the entrance to the park is just over a  mile from our house. What more can we ask for?

IMG_0329I love that he tucks his ears back in preparation for our run!

For the past two years, I have run in the End of Summer Classic sponsored by Marathon Sports.  I am not a big fan of after work races, but this event is an exception as it is so close to my home.  My husband joined me last year, and thus I picked him up at the train station this past Thursday before we headed to the race. It took all of two seconds to park as the station is directly across from the entrance of the park.

We picked up our numbers.  As we had registered early (#59 and #60), we received two Mizuno technical shirts.  They were short sleeve and white with this logo on the front:


I am a big fan of the technical shirt give away.  It just seems  so 1998 to give away cotton tee-shirts.  However, I realize that most races still do, and that makes me appreciate the End of Summer Classic even more.

Because I am about to enter my 5th month of pregnancy (holy yikes!), there was no plan for the race but to enjoy it and take it easy.  We lined up nearly at the end of the pack, allowing the faster runners to gain the better starting position.  We definitely lost some time lining up so far back, but the point of the race was participation rather than a time goal.  Plus, my husband did not seem to mind, even though I kept telling him to go ahead of me.  I hated the fact that I knew I was slowing him down!

The race takes you along the river, and hits some actual trails. It was a very zenlike running experience for me.  Just me, Bill, Baby Ramsey and a nice evening run- I realized I have much to be grateful for.

We finished in just over 47 minutes (and because I think it took us at least a minute to get over the starting line, probably 46 plus).  The race committee had lots of barbeque foods, including pulled pork sandwiches.  I am not a meat eater, but my carnivore husband enjoyed it thoroughly.  Great race, great event, and one I look forward to being faster at next year!


We love this race and hope Baby Ramsey enjoyed it as well!

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