Monday, August 23, 2010


I love running. In fact, I even bought this lululemon bottle proclaiming my love for it.

Isn't she just adorable?

However, these days, our relationship is challenged as a someone intrudes on it. You may be thinking that it is Baby Ramsey..... but it is actually my husband Bill.

I preface this whole post by saying that I cannot imagine having a husband other than Bill. Isn't that the point of marriage, finding the one that we cannot live without? Plus, he pushes me to be a better and nicer person which is something that I truthfully need. He is also the reason that I started running. Before I met him, Bill had completed three Boston Marathons, and needless to say, as a nonrunner at the time, I was rather impressed.

Bill has been super supportive of all my marathoning and is truly my biggest cheerleader in all of my athletic endeavors. He is clearly the manager of Team Adrienne, toting bikes on cars and going to races. I am like his little protege who has done well.

But, my manager has been pulling back a bit. It was a long road to Baby Ramsey, and I think he is a little nervous that I am trying to stay active as I carry the little one around these months. My doctor has assured me that running is perfectly fine, and believe me, I am not running as far or as fast as I once was. But, Bill is ready for me to hang up the running sneakers for a bit. He is not convinced it is in the baby's best interest to keep running. Believe me, if the doctor told me I needed to give it up, I would it a heartbeat. But, she hasn't!

Meanwhile, I am ready to go. I am certainly frustrated by my lack of speed, but I still love the feeling that running gives me. Yesterday, even though it was raining, I was determined to get one in and ran 5 sweaty miles on my treadmill basement. It was awesome! I felt like a runner and not just a pregnant lady. But, Bill came down forty minutes into it to see how much longer I was going for. (For the record, it took me 46 minutes to run those 5 miles.... blah, but not bad for pregnancy!)

Then, when I came upstairs, it was a million questions and comments. How fast did I go? Was my stomach bouncing? Was it strenuous? Oh dear heavens, it was the inquisition. And, this is what it is like everytime I come back from a run. Therefore, I have been avoiding runs to avoid the cross examination. (P.S. Bill is an attorney so it really is one!)

Now, I am starting to think of alternate strategies so that I can run. I have decided that I will run at work so that I can conveniently forget to mention it. Most wives hide their shopping habits- me, I have to be covert in my running. Oh goodness.... I am a crazy lady!

I realize that it must be frustrating for him as I am the sole one in charge of this baby right now. Only what happens with me will affect this baby at this point. That is not a feeling that I can relate to, and I certainly cannot understand what it must be like to have no control over your child's welfare. More importantly, I understand that I need to respect the fact that this baby is Bill's child as well, and not just mine. He should have leverage in the decisions I make throughout the pregnancy.

What a headache! It is a good thing that I love him so very much.

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