Saturday, August 28, 2010

End of Summer Classic- the Recap


My little buddy Cisco and I are big fans of Bare Cove Park in Hingham. There are lots of trails, water views and many other dog friends to meet and greet.  Plus, the entrance to the park is just over a  mile from our house. What more can we ask for?

IMG_0329I love that he tucks his ears back in preparation for our run!

For the past two years, I have run in the End of Summer Classic sponsored by Marathon Sports.  I am not a big fan of after work races, but this event is an exception as it is so close to my home.  My husband joined me last year, and thus I picked him up at the train station this past Thursday before we headed to the race. It took all of two seconds to park as the station is directly across from the entrance of the park.

We picked up our numbers.  As we had registered early (#59 and #60), we received two Mizuno technical shirts.  They were short sleeve and white with this logo on the front:


I am a big fan of the technical shirt give away.  It just seems  so 1998 to give away cotton tee-shirts.  However, I realize that most races still do, and that makes me appreciate the End of Summer Classic even more.

Because I am about to enter my 5th month of pregnancy (holy yikes!), there was no plan for the race but to enjoy it and take it easy.  We lined up nearly at the end of the pack, allowing the faster runners to gain the better starting position.  We definitely lost some time lining up so far back, but the point of the race was participation rather than a time goal.  Plus, my husband did not seem to mind, even though I kept telling him to go ahead of me.  I hated the fact that I knew I was slowing him down!

The race takes you along the river, and hits some actual trails. It was a very zenlike running experience for me.  Just me, Bill, Baby Ramsey and a nice evening run- I realized I have much to be grateful for.

We finished in just over 47 minutes (and because I think it took us at least a minute to get over the starting line, probably 46 plus).  The race committee had lots of barbeque foods, including pulled pork sandwiches.  I am not a meat eater, but my carnivore husband enjoyed it thoroughly.  Great race, great event, and one I look forward to being faster at next year!


We love this race and hope Baby Ramsey enjoyed it as well!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hills, Hills, Hills


This week’s playlist and profile is all about hills- steady hills, hill repeats, sprints on hills, you name it!


My Friend    5:00    Groove Armada   

Barely Breathing    4:15    Duncan Sheik   

Follow Through    4:00    Gavin DeGraw   

Collide    4:09    Howie Day   

I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Radio Edit)    4:11    Scissor Sisters   

Let Forever Be    3:42    The Chemical Brothers        

The Mummers' Dance    6:11    Loreena McKennitt   

Teenage Dream    3:48    Katy Perry  

Honey (Faze Action Dub)    5:24    Tosca   

Life Is Beautiful    6:15    Vega4   

Worn Me Down    3:43    Rachael Yamagata   

Ooh La La    2:58    Goldfrapp   

I'll Melt With You    4:03    Nouvelle Vague   

Monday, August 23, 2010


I love running. In fact, I even bought this lululemon bottle proclaiming my love for it.

Isn't she just adorable?

However, these days, our relationship is challenged as a someone intrudes on it. You may be thinking that it is Baby Ramsey..... but it is actually my husband Bill.

I preface this whole post by saying that I cannot imagine having a husband other than Bill. Isn't that the point of marriage, finding the one that we cannot live without? Plus, he pushes me to be a better and nicer person which is something that I truthfully need. He is also the reason that I started running. Before I met him, Bill had completed three Boston Marathons, and needless to say, as a nonrunner at the time, I was rather impressed.

Bill has been super supportive of all my marathoning and is truly my biggest cheerleader in all of my athletic endeavors. He is clearly the manager of Team Adrienne, toting bikes on cars and going to races. I am like his little protege who has done well.

But, my manager has been pulling back a bit. It was a long road to Baby Ramsey, and I think he is a little nervous that I am trying to stay active as I carry the little one around these months. My doctor has assured me that running is perfectly fine, and believe me, I am not running as far or as fast as I once was. But, Bill is ready for me to hang up the running sneakers for a bit. He is not convinced it is in the baby's best interest to keep running. Believe me, if the doctor told me I needed to give it up, I would it a heartbeat. But, she hasn't!

Meanwhile, I am ready to go. I am certainly frustrated by my lack of speed, but I still love the feeling that running gives me. Yesterday, even though it was raining, I was determined to get one in and ran 5 sweaty miles on my treadmill basement. It was awesome! I felt like a runner and not just a pregnant lady. But, Bill came down forty minutes into it to see how much longer I was going for. (For the record, it took me 46 minutes to run those 5 miles.... blah, but not bad for pregnancy!)

Then, when I came upstairs, it was a million questions and comments. How fast did I go? Was my stomach bouncing? Was it strenuous? Oh dear heavens, it was the inquisition. And, this is what it is like everytime I come back from a run. Therefore, I have been avoiding runs to avoid the cross examination. (P.S. Bill is an attorney so it really is one!)

Now, I am starting to think of alternate strategies so that I can run. I have decided that I will run at work so that I can conveniently forget to mention it. Most wives hide their shopping habits- me, I have to be covert in my running. Oh goodness.... I am a crazy lady!

I realize that it must be frustrating for him as I am the sole one in charge of this baby right now. Only what happens with me will affect this baby at this point. That is not a feeling that I can relate to, and I certainly cannot understand what it must be like to have no control over your child's welfare. More importantly, I understand that I need to respect the fact that this baby is Bill's child as well, and not just mine. He should have leverage in the decisions I make throughout the pregnancy.

What a headache! It is a good thing that I love him so very much.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Well, I have hit 18 weeks of pregnancy.  So far, so good.  Baby Ramsey has not caused too much trouble for me yet!

Being the crazy woman that I am, I am determined to get through the next few weeks of summer with wearing my normal clothes.  There are  a few things that are on the taboo list, and I have been making do with some of my looser fitting clothing.  For example, it was actually serendipity that I bought too big pants after completing a 20  miler in preparation for Boston.  My things and butt were swollen when I went shopping that afternoon. They were big for awhile, but now they are accommodating the bulging belly.

I have one little problem though- I need longer workout shirts.  Between the growing chest and stomach, I feel somewhat indecent.  I need to cover up both the girls and the burgeoning baby.  I remembered that my friend Polly loves the shirts by lucy, as they are longer than the normal shirt.  With a little persuasion and a promise that he could visit the Yard House during my shopping, my husband agreed to head to Legacy Place in Dedham so I could visit the nearest lucy location.

I was not disappointed.  A super cute girl named Beth helped me find some shirts that will stretch as I grow.  I also found a pair of shorts that I think will work a little later down the road.

Here is the damage….

IMG_0317 IMG_0318

This top is definitely for yoga and spin…. Need a little bit more support for running.



These two will definitely work for running.  They are very long right now so I hoping they will fit over the growing belly down the line.



Love that these shorts have a zip pocket in the back!

The other great part of lucy is that they offer a pro discount.  I brought in a copy of my Spin Certification, filled out a form and received a card that gives me 30% off.  It was painless and super easy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I think my new attitude towards running is working a little bit. I headed to the gym this morning early before teaching Spin and was able to run 4 solid miles in 36 minutes. Slow for old Adrienne, but perfect and happy for current Adrienne. For the first time, I was happy after a run as I knew it was a part of my training!

Playlist for today at Spin- it was so random

Breathe Me 4:35 Sia

Unspeakable Joy (Razor N Guido Remix) 4:08 Kim English

I Like It (feat. Pitbull) 3:52 Enrique Iglesias

Love Generation (Featuring Gary Pine) [Bob Sinclar Radio Edit] 3:32

Familiar Feeling (Timo Maas Main Mix) 4:03 Moloko

Love's Divine 4:35 Seal

Sun Is Shining (Radio Mix) 3:02 Yanou

Stop for a Minute (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix) [feat. K'naan] 4:26

What a Feeling 4:05 Irene Cara

Dreams 4:16 The Cranberries

Runnin' Down a Dream 4:23 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

You Get What You Give 5:01 New Radicals

Breathless 3:29 The Corrs

Brand New Day 6:20 Sting

Thursday, August 5, 2010

End of Summer Classic


It has been a frustrating summer running-wise.  Although I am super excited to be expecting my first child, I am a completely different athlete now from the girl who ran 3:36 in a marathon less than 5 months ago.  Has that much really changed in that short a period? Well, except the fact that I am growing a person?

I came out of that marathon feeling strong and very confident in abilities with excitement building for the short summer races.  I wanted to go fast!  Vroom!

Looking back, I remember running the end of the Providence Marathon with Liz and feeling that morning that I did not have my usual zip.  It was awesome and such an honor to run with her during her first marathon that I shrugged it off. But, thinking about how I felt after Boston last year and running speedy 5Ks, and then thinking back to post-Boston this year, I should have known something was up.

At least what was up was great news!

But, and I know this is SO selfish, but a little part of me was missing. I love training for a race, even more than I love running the actual race itself.  There is something so lovely about training plans and looking back on a week and seeing what one has accomplished. I love my  L St buddies and escaping my house on Sunday morning. Although I complain about my lack of speed, I think I missed training even more.  Even worse, I was losing major motivation and being a big Debbie Downer.  What is that point of running if I don’t have a goal to work towards?  Mrs. Negative Attitude- that was me!

This week, I came to a realization.  I am not going to get any faster in the next few months, but only slower.  So, what if I can adjust my goals?  What if my goal can be to participate in one race a month until I deliver this baby?  What if I can stop being discouraged about my lack of speed and start celebrating my healthy pregnancy?  That can be my training goal- bingo!

Enter the End of Summer Classic. 


This race through Bare Cove Park in Hingham and sponsored by Marathon Sports has become a favorite of mine.  The first year the race was run, it advertised itself as a four miler.  I remember crossing the finish line and thinking that I must have been very slow.  (Looking at the results later, it turned out that the course was a little longer than four.) 

Last year, my husband Bill ran it with me.  The organizers extended the race to 5 miles, and it was such a great way to unwind after the workday.   We ran and chatted and then met up with some friends at the post race party. That is another great thing about the race- it takes place during the week.  So, on a summer night, you can go run by the water!


Plus, it would be so lame of me to miss a race that I have run every one of since its existence just because I am nervous that I will not be happy with my time. For that reason alone, the End of Summer Classic is not to be missed.  I am glad that I can use it to start my new goals- run, enjoy and celebrate! Now, I just have a few more weeks to train for the race, and I know that this little goal will keep me motivated.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's Rock Playlist

Well, maybe Christopher Cross does not count as rock, but it is still a great cool down song.....


Let's Spend The Night Together 3:28 The Rolling Stones

Sweet Child O' Mine 5:56 Guns N' Roses

Right Now 5:22 Van Halen

Paranoid 2:48 Black Sabbath

Jessica 7:29 The Allman Brothers Band

Take Me Home Tonight 3:31 Eddie Money

It's My Life 3:51 Bon Jovi

More Than a Feeling 4:47 Boston Boston 1

We Belong 3:42 Pat Benatar Greatest Hits Rock

Sailing 4:15 Christopher Cross