Monday, July 12, 2010

Fourth of July Road Race Recap


There is nothing like starting the day with a solid workout.  Knowing that I’ve accomplished a few miles before most people have pressed start on the coffee machine gives me a little smugness.  And, when you have accomplished these miles at a race, and then you get to go to barbeques and parade parties and eat whatever you want because of these miles, well, that makes me really smug….

For this reason, the Hingham Fourth of July Road Race goes down as one of the must do races for Adrienne each year.

I love this race.  I anticipate seeing all my friends, Spinning students and running buddies, chatting it up with everyone before the gun goes off.  Running down Main St never gets old, and because they striped the middle line red, white and blue instead of yellow this year, it gave me a whole new appreciation for this little town I live in.  I am very easy to please like that!

Typically, I love this race because after the first congested mile, I can be speedy.  I can run without abandon all the way back to my house.  (My house is less than a quarter mile from the finish line!)  It is freeing just to run by feel.

This year was a little different.  After Boston, I typically run some great local 5 and 10Ks, turning in some decent times after the fitness I gained from marathon training.  In a normal year, the Hingham race is my last good race before I relax for the summer.

Well, this year was not normal in the least….. I was running for two….


Yes, Baby Ramsey decided to run the race with me as well.  So, being a nervous first time mother, I just wanted to get to the finish line.  I ran slower than I ever did before.  And, that was frustrating.  I felt like I could run faster.  But, I was nervous that Baby Ramsey was running with me as well. I was still in secrecy mode that the first trimester brings, and I just had to smile when some inquiring minds asked me if I was feeling well that day. 

Truthfully, even though I wanted to run faster, I was feeling great!  I loved that I had a little secret partner in crime, and I loved that I shared my all time favorite race with my new addition. 

Baby Ramsey seems to like running.  I think we will go for a few more together as we spend the next few months together.  The baby better learn sooner or later that the mama likes her runs.


  1. AR! I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! This is terrific news and I'm sure Baby Ramsey loved running with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO