Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy Bee


The past week has been so busy.  I work in college admission, specifically with international students, and this past Thursday through Sunday Boston hosted the 2010 Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling (OACAC) Annual Conference.  Thank heavens that Northeastern University bore 90% of the responsibility!  But, we at Babson hosted the almost 900 person group on Friday evening for a lobsterbake.  Despite the storm that rolled through at one point, it was a successful evening.


Lots and lots of lobsters were served!  Too bad I do not eat lobsters….

One of the great things about having the conference in my home city was that I could take my fellow running counselors for a little exploring.  Friday morning, a few friends asked if I would guide them on a run.  These are friends who think of me as a Boston Marathon runner, and not Mrs. Pregnant Runner, so I was a little nervous even though they were forewarned that I am not speedy these days.  However, Anna reminded me that my slow is her good speed and out we set.  We ran from NU down Mass Ave, and then turned onto the Charles River path towards downtown.


Even though it was 6 AM, it was rather humid already, so we just ran along at the new Adrienne pace, averaging  just under 9 minute miles.  Reaching the Hatch Shell, we turned around, running back to Mass Ave.  Then, I took them for a little treat- we ran down Boylston so that we could cross the Boston Marathon finish line!


Stefano, one of the group, is currently training for his first marathon and wants to run the big event some day.  I figured it would just be a little more inspiration for him!  He thought about maybe coming up this year, but I am going to see if I can get him to hold off until next year in case this one does not pan out for me.

On that note, running has been so so….. Not really exciting, slow and now honestly, it is starting to be a little harder.  I think it is mainly because I let my fitness go during the first trimester, since I was so nervous about miscarriage.  So tonight found me having a date with the treadmill, and then I rounded out my 5 miles with a few more on the elliptical.

It is funny.  I keep looking at my stomach to see if I look pregnant yet.  I feel that it is a bit fuller, but I cannot really decide.  Since I am crazy, it is almost as if once I feel like I am looking pregnant, I can cut myself a little more mental slack when it comes to the workouts…. 

So, I leave you with belly shot #1.  I promise I will not post too many….. And, I realize that I am sticking out my stomach a little bit so maybe it is not entirely accurate.  But, I think I am starting to look a little bit preggers.


14 weeks of Baby Ramsey

P.S. I love working out in my Running Skirt.  With the expanding waistline, it is way more comfortable than the elastic band of shorts.

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  1. AR- you are my hero! And you look so precious! Love your baby belly. I'm writing about you right now. Stay tuned!