Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An Old Standby

Start off walking

3 minute run 1 minute walk times 2


4 minute run 1 minute walk to the end

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer themed Playlist for Spin class


Summertime    3:27    Kenny Chesney         

Pocketful of Sunshine    3:23    Natasha Bedingfield     

Soak Up the Sun    4:52    Sheryl Crow   

Hot Stuff    5:15    Donna Summer  

Iko Iko    3:16    Captain Jack   

In the Summertime    3:33    Mungo Jerry   

Hope    3:48    Shaggy   

The Girl from Ipanema    5:52    Astrud Gilberto   

Fire Burning    4:03    Sean Kingston   

Hot Hot Hot (New Club Mix)    5:50    Buster Poindexter   

Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat)    3:10    Jason Mraz   

American Honey    3:45    Lady Antebellum    Need You Now    Country       


Tonight our little group had to improvise. While I would run in a blizzard or a downpour (and I have done it in both), I am a little bit more cautious when it comes to my running ladies. As a coach, it is important that I encourage my students to push through adverse conditions. My job is to motivate and to make sure that we do not slack off. There is nothing worse than a coach that tells you NOT to work out!

However, I am like a worried mother when it comes to my charges. I don't want anyone to get sick from the rain. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I see the slime that pollen and rain creates on a sidewalk and I worry that a student will slip and fall because of it. Our race is less than a month away! I just cannot have that!

We went to plan B tonight. The small group that braved the rain and came tonight were such troopers. They agreed to head with me to the Spin room and get some quality intervals in. We may not always hit the planned path to the goal, but we can ALWAYS make it to the goal. Thank you ladies for understanding!

I have faced this problem myself before. Two weeks before Boston, I hurt my back. Like, OMG, I cannot twist to the side. I rode that Spin bike into the ground as I could not run- it hurt way too much! Moral of the story- I kept my fitness, my sanity and I ran Boston in my best time ever. I did not let a little detour keep me from achieving my goal.


Running students- run 2 miles either tomorrow or Friday morning. Saturday, we will meet at the Rec at 7:30 and head to the middle school and run back.

Tonight's Run

And, it is not our first four miler- it is just titled that way!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Become a faster runner

Check out this article for some tips! I think we are doing them all.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Two Options for tomorrow

Ladies, we are running most of the race tomorrow. Here are your two options. Whichever one you pick is fine. Also, the mapping does not take into account the curves in the sidewalk, so the distances are actually longer than posted.

Option #1- Middle School to Rec

Option #2- Middle School to Garrison

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Do Lists


I feel like my life is dominated by to do lists lately.  Things have been super busy in my personal and professional lives.  Unfortunately, the only way I seem to handle it is by making a list.  This trick appears to make some order out of the frantic nature of my life lately.

Last week, I was privileged to attend a professional conference in Newport, and then this girl was even luckier to attend our friend Dave and Abha’s wedding.  The couple had a traditional Indian wedding, an experience that was completely new to me.  Abha even allowed me to participate in the ceremony, as I was selected as the married woman to wish her well representing Dave’s side.  Thank you, Abha!  It is an experience that I will never forget.

Journeying down to Newport for five days involved a lot of lists…. for various things.  But, it was worth it. (Even though I forgot my coat!)

Here is a picture from the wedding of Bill and I


Can you tell it was an outdoor wedding from all the sun we got on our faces?  Yes, sunblock was also forgotten on the list.

The biggest problem with all my lists right now is that I am scrambling to find time for my own workouts.  Sure, I get in my all my classes that I teach a week, but I need some sweat time. I am starting to realize how grumpy it is making me,  and that my little Adrienne world would be a better place if I included them on my list.

I guess the TO DO list is about to become longer, but at least it will be a bit easier to tackle.



Running students- tomorrow is track night!

Warmup- Run 3 minutes- 1 minute walk- run 4 minutes- 1 minute walk- repeat

SATURDAY- meet at the Rec at 7:30AM.  Drive to middle school.  Run/walk back to Rec.  Enjoy the scenery and take our time!