Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tomorrow’s Training Session


I still owe the blog a recap on the Providence Marathon.  For now, here is the workout for tomorrow.

We will meet behind the Rec on the little gravel track.  Track workouts CAN be boring, but you will have me and each other to entertain you.  And, you can bring your I Pods if you want as well!

Track workouts are like putting money in the bank.  We run at an uncomfortable pace so that the casual jog seems that much easier.  Yes, I want you to RUN when you are doing these.  Then, you will slow walk to recover.

Here is the breakdown:

Minutes 1-5: Walk
5-6: Run
6-7: Walk
7-8: Run
8-9: Walk
9-10: Run
10-11: Walk
11-12: Run
13-14: Walk
14-15: Run
15-17: Walk/Grab water
17-19: Run
19-20: Walk
20-22: Run
22-23: Walk
23-25: Run
25-26: Walk
26-28: Run
28-29: Walk
29-31: Run

We will then rest and I am going to issue a challenge to everyone!

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