Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day


Waking up this morning, I peered out the window and saw the sun shining.  Perfect!  Today was the second meeting of our running class, and after running last Wednesday in the rain, I welcomed the nice weather.  Sure thing about New England, our weather is always changing.

I left my house and got in a few quick miles before I joined my class. There is nothing like an early morning run in a picturesque New England town. My students and I headed up Main Street towards the church.  It was a glorious morning indeed.  We focused on running for a minute and then walking for a minute. I am a woman of habits, and I love repetition and following a plan to get to a desired result.  I adore the formulas of baking and shy away from the creativity of cooking.  I am just like that.

Students, here is your homework- 30 minutes of run/walk.  Run by feel

And now on to me………………….

I decided that postmarathon, I would work on some new goals.  At one point in my life, I wanted to be a runner.  For years, I did nothing about it.  And then, I started working out, and becoming a runner became an achievable goal. 

Now, I have major triathlete envy.  Big time- I love reading triathlon blogs, and I love looking at the sculpted arms of these athletes.  Running does not give me any sort of upper body strength, and I am jealous.  Furthermore, it is time for a new goal.  I adore running, and it will always be my best friend.  However, I am well acquainted with it and I need to challenge myself a bit more.  I need something else so that I can appreciate running more as well.

I am not going to morph into a triathlete overnight.  I know I can run, but I need some serious work on the other two disciplines.  Biking is definitely not my strength either, but swimming and I live on different planets.  Swimming is all about technique, and that is all I know about swimming.  I have no concept of what I need to do to get better.

Enter Mary.  Mary has agreed to be my swim instructor.  We met for the first time on Friday, and I had so much fun.  I learned a great deal about swimming, and more important, I am athletically reinvigorated.   I am doing something proactive about my triathlon envy.  Now, my goal for the summer is to gain confidence in my swimming.  Every time I have attempted the triathlon, I have been content to just get at the back of the back so that I do not get trampled on.  My hope is that I can get in the water at the next one and swim with confidence.  I just need to win the mind game that I play with myself.

Having a coach is going to help me tremendously.  She gave me some things to work on, and I know I will work harder knowing that I am accountable to someone.   I am happy with myself as well.  Instead of just saying that I want to be a triathlete and doing nothing about it, I am taking steps toward this goal.  It is a long term plan, but I am starting the small steps.

I leave you with some pictures from the marathon.

Adrienne JR Livy and Charlies

My Framingham Cheering Section- thanks to Olivia for the sign!

Adrienne Marathon

Right before the Newton Hills- pure joy- what a great day!

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  1. Oh! Thanks for the mention! You are doing great already with the swimming... It will be fun! Yeah for new goals!