Sunday, May 9, 2010



I really enjoy working with my swim coach Mary.  In just two weeks, my knowledge about swimming has grown twenty fold.  I also do not dread swimming now, as she has given me lots of drills to incorporate, which breaks up the monotony of swimming laps.

Mary asked me on Friday what are some things that I would like to work on, and I replied “Flipturn.”  If I could do a flipturn, then I would feel like a real swimmer.  Currently, I am a poser with a speedo bikini. However, since I was a little lady, I have had a deep fear of getting water up my nose.  I have NEVER done a somersault in the water without holding my nose since I dread this feeling.  Learning to dive when I was younger was particularly challenging.

Instead of telling me that it would be too hard with my fear of getting water up my nose, Mary just told me how I could do it and not get water in my nose.  She then demonstrated how I could lead into learning this technique and told me to do.  I immediately put up my defenses and told her that I could not do it.  Mary encouraged me to just try it, and there was not choice but to.  Pessimism was my friend, and I was certain that water would be up my nose in no time.

Big surprise- it worked.  Really?  It was that easy?  And, this was something that for 31 years or so I have been avoiding? 

Moral of story- my coach showed me how to conquer my fear and then gave me the push that I needed to do it.  I realize that I need to place myself in more situations where I am willing to take risks. What else do I avoid simply because I think I cannot?

Today, I went to the pool in Weymouth and guess what?  I did lots of somersaults and did not get any water up my nose!


Great work yesterday to my running class!  You pushed it up the hill and more important, you were there despite the weather forecast!

Running class homework- 5 minute warm up of a walk, 2 minute run, 1 minute walk for 30 minutes

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  1. oh! It's so true! Sometimes we just assume that we can't...
    You know that Henry Ford quotation? "If you think you can or you think you can't, you're probably right."