Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tonight's Run

The route is mapped a little short- it is really about 4 miles though.

3 minutes run/1 minute walk repeat

I want everyone to be on there feet to night for about 50 minutes. Thus, distance is not our priority this evening. The plan is to run/walk out 25 minutes and the turn around and head back. It does not matter where you get to, but only that you are out there for the 50 minutes.

See you tonight!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Homework for Running Students

Map out 1 mile.

Run/walk the mile, running more than walking.

Take a breather! Walk around a bit.

Run/walk back the . Again, more running that walking!

See you TUESDAY at 7:00!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Saturday Morning at 7:30

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Track Workout Tonight

5 minute warm up
2 minute run
1 minute walk
3 minute run
1 minute walk
X seven

See you at 7!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am having one of those weeks where nothing seems to be falling into place. Nothing bad has happened- thank goodness for that. But, I feel like I am being pulled in 30,000 different directions. Note to self- no more super busy work weeks and a mother-in-law moving out of house where she raised children in during the same week. And, that is only the base of my little iceburg. MD appointments, board meetings and a few other things are making it even more hectic.

What makes it worse is that typically, I can get through these types of week with exercise. It gives me the time to reorganize my head and also a chance to decompress. Swimming has been my little goal lately, and the POOL AT WORK IS CLOSED THIS WEEK! Nights have been so busy, and the only free time for me to exercise is lunchtime. BUT THE POOL IS CLOSED! Whew, I feel better realizing that I just screamed it out in capital letters.

Funny thing- my time lately has not really been mine, so I am being a bit more unselfish this week. Yet, a realization has dawned on me. My interactions with others are actually better when I am a bit selfish. My head is calmer and I am more present.

That being said, I am looking forward to seeing my runners on Thursday evening and Friday morning.... Yes! I have to exercise and my head will not be so scattered....

Now, I need to get ready to fly to Baltimore for a day tomorrow.... yes, I told you this was a crazy week....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday Route

Friday, May 14, 2010

Class Moved to Sunday

For running class, class is moved to Sunday at 8AM. I sent an email out, but just in case you are checking the blog!

Remember, homework was 5 minute warmup, 1 minute run, 1 minute walk, 2 minute run, 1 minute walk, 3 minute run, 1 minute walk, 4 minute run, 1 minute walk, 3 minute run, 1 minute walk, 2 minute run, 1 minute walk, 1 minute run, 3 minute walk to cooldown

Email me at adrienne.ramsey@gmail.com if you have any questions!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Same old route

We are going to continue up Main St tonight and return to the Rec. Depending on the weather and other things, we will do one of either route.

Option 1- Rec to Cushing and Back

or Option 2- Rec to Church

The runs might be a bit more in mileage- I am not very good at using mapmyrun!

Tonight- 5 minutes walk, then 2 minutes on, 1 minute walk and repeat!

Sunday, May 9, 2010



I really enjoy working with my swim coach Mary.  In just two weeks, my knowledge about swimming has grown twenty fold.  I also do not dread swimming now, as she has given me lots of drills to incorporate, which breaks up the monotony of swimming laps.

Mary asked me on Friday what are some things that I would like to work on, and I replied “Flipturn.”  If I could do a flipturn, then I would feel like a real swimmer.  Currently, I am a poser with a speedo bikini. However, since I was a little lady, I have had a deep fear of getting water up my nose.  I have NEVER done a somersault in the water without holding my nose since I dread this feeling.  Learning to dive when I was younger was particularly challenging.

Instead of telling me that it would be too hard with my fear of getting water up my nose, Mary just told me how I could do it and not get water in my nose.  She then demonstrated how I could lead into learning this technique and told me to do.  I immediately put up my defenses and told her that I could not do it.  Mary encouraged me to just try it, and there was not choice but to.  Pessimism was my friend, and I was certain that water would be up my nose in no time.

Big surprise- it worked.  Really?  It was that easy?  And, this was something that for 31 years or so I have been avoiding? 

Moral of story- my coach showed me how to conquer my fear and then gave me the push that I needed to do it.  I realize that I need to place myself in more situations where I am willing to take risks. What else do I avoid simply because I think I cannot?

Today, I went to the pool in Weymouth and guess what?  I did lots of somersaults and did not get any water up my nose!


Great work yesterday to my running class!  You pushed it up the hill and more important, you were there despite the weather forecast!

Running class homework- 5 minute warm up of a walk, 2 minute run, 1 minute walk for 30 minutes

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hill Work

Tomorrow morning we will focus on hill work to make us stronger. Here is the route

2 minutes on, 1 minute off repeat!

"Many people shy away from hills. They make it easy on themselves, but that limits their improvement. The more you repeat something, the stronger you get."


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Running Community


I absolutely loved running with Liz as she completed her first marathon.  Liz, thank you again for letting me be a part of the experience!

Recapping the day for the blog caused me to reflect much on how we support each other in the running community.  I never ceased to be amazed at the wonderful friends I have made through this simple sport.  Words that are hard to speak come out during those long runs.  The problems of my heart have been solved countless times.  Sometimes I wonder if it is because I do not have to speak them face to face, but rather side by side. 

IMG_0135 Leann and I before this year’s marathon.  Yes, I went spray tanning…         It makes me feel more confident!

I immediately thought of my friend Leann when I read this blog entry by Kristin Armstrong.  Leann and I met through running club and coincidently had a mutual friend.  Fate brought us together I guess!

Kristin writes in her post,

“Just like you can never really help someone run (in the literal sense -it has to come from their own body, their own strength), you can't really help someone endure in any sense of the word.  But you can run beside someone.  Sometimes your words can offer insight, levity, or community.  But most of the time the solidarity of your silence, the sound of the footfalls and the breathing, is the greatest comfort in the world - knowing that there are people alongside you in your journey. “

Leann has run me through my share of heartbreak (and a few bad falls over the years).  There is something so sturdy and reassuring knowing that she will be there for me every Sunday morning when we have to run miles and miles in the cold while everyone else sips coffee and eats pancakes.

But, don’t get me wrong.  It is not simply healing that can arise out of our running communities.  We gain confidence as we progress with the help of others.  Our calendars mark when we will meet a friend or a group, and there is a sense of importance to that meeting.  Taking care of yourself becomes a priority and is acceptable. More importantly, the running community has taught me that the world is full of goodhearted people.  Our goals may be different, but our encouragement to get to them never differs.  Times don’t matter, but seeing a friend accomplish hers means more than one’s own. I have shed some tears, but I have enjoyed myself far more than I would have ever imagined. I have learned that both friends and mere acquaintances are alongside me for my journey. We cannot run for each other but we DO run with one another.


Running students- great night tonight!  I loved seeing each and every one of you push yourself.  It was awesome to see everyone focusing of herself. 

Here is your homework- 35 minutes of running and walking.  Do it by feel.  You can use the one minute on, one minute off plan if that works for you.  Or, run till you need to walk and then run again!

3 Ways to Improve Your Running Form | Active.com

3 Ways to Improve Your Running Form | Active.com

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Providence Marathon Recap


I have run a marathon the last three years, but I have not been a spectator at one since the 2005 Boston Marathon.  That year, my friend Katie served a delicious brunch before we headed into Boylston, we hung out at Lir all day not really watching the marathon, and then the day ended with a trip to Ben and Jerry’s.  Those were good times. 

Needless to say, I have fond memories of watching a runner tackle the distance.  We BC students never missed Marathon Monday, and true to form, headed out each one to cheer on the runners.  It was exiting to see the elites roar by us, inspiring to see the Hoyts and amazing to watch the ordinary person be so close to their goal.

Running Boston the last few years has certainly put a kink into my love of spectating.  When Courtney shared that she was going to head to Providence to watch Liz run her first marathon, I invited myself.  I have been following Liz’s training on her blog and knew how awesome it would be to watch her complete her first marathon.  I also am so pushy that I volunteered to run with her if she needed me to.  Can you tell that I am the oldest child?

Courtney and I escaped “Don’t Drink the Water” Boston early Sunday morning and headed to Providence.  We did not make the start, but the race course is open to traffic so we were able to find Liz rather easily.  We saw her first at about Mile 5/6ish and headed up to mile 8 where we set up cheering section number one.  Immediately, I noticed how hot it was…. and humid.  Yikes, a rough day to run a marathon!

Here is Court- isn’t she so cute?


We saw a few of my L St friends pass us and then Liz came along!  We were loud and crazy and very excited.  I am sure that other people thought we were annoying, but who cares!  It was our friend’s first marathon.  Court and I then hopped in the car, and I managed to take a few pictures along the route.  I was psyched to see Liz smiling at this point.


I also saw my L St Friend Rahsaan.  He always look like a gazelle running. 


I wish I could emulate his stride.


And yes, he is smiling as well!

Court and I then went to the park that is right past mile 10 and rejoins the main road at about mile 19.  I drank coffee, and we chatted about who knows what, waiting for the runners

And they came!  Here is the first overall….


And the first female


Court and I then proceeded to tell every female what place she was in for the next ten runners.  We are all about Girl Power!  Yes, please let us emulate the Spice Girls.

Some more of my L St friends came through….


Joe, on his way to both a PR and BQ

Rahsaan 2 

Rahsaan, again

Jess and Kerry

Jess and Kerry

We then saw Liz come along and cheered her through.  Court dropped me off at a little after mile 19, and Liz kindly let me join her on the route. I had the privilege of running with her for the rest of the race.

For Liz, the last few miles of the marathon were hard.  She already had a solid 20 miles under her belt.  I was there just two weeks earlier, and the memory of how it felt was very fresh.  It was such a different experience to be joining the marathon at the end when I had fresh legs.  Liz’s brother Mike also ran with us and her husband Dave rode a bike while we ran.  All Star team!  Fun for us as it was very social, but poor Liz having to deal with all our chatter.

Adrienne and Liz She poured water over her head, I promise!

The Providence Marathon runs along a bike path for a chunk of the race, and I was fortunate that the leg that I ran with Liz was on it.  I NEVER knew that Providence had such a beautiful bike path. I really enjoyed running along it.  Secretly, I was also thinking that I did not have to run when I got home. Liz was great; she was a real trooper.  She knew her goal was in sight, and she was not going to give it up. I felt such a sense of community while running her.  Each one of us really wanted her to break her goal of 4:30.  Based on where she was at, even with some walk breaks, she could do this.  Our job was to get her to the finish line.

Guess what!  And this is gun time, not chip time!

Liz finishes

Yes, she did!

Lots of lessons learned from the day about friendship, running and persistence….. It deserves an entire other blogpost.  Thank you, Liz, for allowing me to be a part of your first marathon!

Tomorrow’s Training Session


I still owe the blog a recap on the Providence Marathon.  For now, here is the workout for tomorrow.

We will meet behind the Rec on the little gravel track.  Track workouts CAN be boring, but you will have me and each other to entertain you.  And, you can bring your I Pods if you want as well!

Track workouts are like putting money in the bank.  We run at an uncomfortable pace so that the casual jog seems that much easier.  Yes, I want you to RUN when you are doing these.  Then, you will slow walk to recover.

Here is the breakdown:

Minutes 1-5: Walk
5-6: Run
6-7: Walk
7-8: Run
8-9: Walk
9-10: Run
10-11: Walk
11-12: Run
13-14: Walk
14-15: Run
15-17: Walk/Grab water
17-19: Run
19-20: Walk
20-22: Run
22-23: Walk
23-25: Run
25-26: Walk
26-28: Run
28-29: Walk
29-31: Run

We will then rest and I am going to issue a challenge to everyone!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Love this Quote

"Ability is what you're capable of doing.

Motivation determines what you do.

Attitude determines how well you do it."

Lou Holtz


Lots to post tomorrow- I ran the last miles of the Providence Marathon with my friend Liz of http://foodtorunfor.blogspot.com/.  She did great!  I have never run in a marathon that I was not racing, so it was a very cool experience.  Liz, it was a privilege to run with you during your first marathon!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day


Waking up this morning, I peered out the window and saw the sun shining.  Perfect!  Today was the second meeting of our running class, and after running last Wednesday in the rain, I welcomed the nice weather.  Sure thing about New England, our weather is always changing.

I left my house and got in a few quick miles before I joined my class. There is nothing like an early morning run in a picturesque New England town. My students and I headed up Main Street towards the church.  It was a glorious morning indeed.  We focused on running for a minute and then walking for a minute. I am a woman of habits, and I love repetition and following a plan to get to a desired result.  I adore the formulas of baking and shy away from the creativity of cooking.  I am just like that.

Students, here is your homework- 30 minutes of run/walk.  Run by feel

And now on to me………………….

I decided that postmarathon, I would work on some new goals.  At one point in my life, I wanted to be a runner.  For years, I did nothing about it.  And then, I started working out, and becoming a runner became an achievable goal. 

Now, I have major triathlete envy.  Big time- I love reading triathlon blogs, and I love looking at the sculpted arms of these athletes.  Running does not give me any sort of upper body strength, and I am jealous.  Furthermore, it is time for a new goal.  I adore running, and it will always be my best friend.  However, I am well acquainted with it and I need to challenge myself a bit more.  I need something else so that I can appreciate running more as well.

I am not going to morph into a triathlete overnight.  I know I can run, but I need some serious work on the other two disciplines.  Biking is definitely not my strength either, but swimming and I live on different planets.  Swimming is all about technique, and that is all I know about swimming.  I have no concept of what I need to do to get better.

Enter Mary.  Mary has agreed to be my swim instructor.  We met for the first time on Friday, and I had so much fun.  I learned a great deal about swimming, and more important, I am athletically reinvigorated.   I am doing something proactive about my triathlon envy.  Now, my goal for the summer is to gain confidence in my swimming.  Every time I have attempted the triathlon, I have been content to just get at the back of the back so that I do not get trampled on.  My hope is that I can get in the water at the next one and swim with confidence.  I just need to win the mind game that I play with myself.

Having a coach is going to help me tremendously.  She gave me some things to work on, and I know I will work harder knowing that I am accountable to someone.   I am happy with myself as well.  Instead of just saying that I want to be a triathlete and doing nothing about it, I am taking steps toward this goal.  It is a long term plan, but I am starting the small steps.

I leave you with some pictures from the marathon.

Adrienne JR Livy and Charlies

My Framingham Cheering Section- thanks to Olivia for the sign!

Adrienne Marathon

Right before the Newton Hills- pure joy- what a great day!

May 1 Run

5 minute walk to warmup.

then 1 1/2 minute walk followed by 1 minute run

It is about time on feet, and not how far we go!