Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Running Class Recap

Last night, we kicked off Hingham Road Race training with our first Learn to Run class. We have a big class, which is exciting! We have a big class, which is scary, as I have to learn 90% of the names!

We headed out despite the weather. We have made a commitment, ladies, and our journey to the finish line on July 4th will happen no matter what the forecast is.

Great first time out there with me! It is important to take it easy these first few weeks while we acclimate our bodies. More important, we must not be our own first critics. Running is not about being fast or keeping up; instead, it is about a commitment to our health and ourselves. Appreciate what you are doing for both your body and soul- this, my friends, is what matters most!

You have all made the decision to have a coach to get you to your goal. Coaches are great as they make one accountable and also help to set milestones along the way. Tomorrow, your coach is starting with a swim coach. Like you, I realize that I will be much better off if I get some guidance in my quest to become better at a discipline. More on this later!

As a reminder, here is your homework- 20-40 minutes of ACTIVITY! It can be walking, riding your bike,etc. Just get your body moving!

Saturday's run will be an out and back, not a loop this time. We will journey out for 15 minutes, and then no matter where you are, head back for another fifteen. This way, we all start and finish together!

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