Monday, April 12, 2010

Boston Marathon Playlist

One week to go until the big day…. Wow!  It is hard to believe that another cycle of training will be over next Monday.  I love cycles of any type.  No wonder I work in college admission.  Knowing the start and the end exists gives me such satisfaction.

My poor Spinning students are probably happy that another cycle is almost over as well.  Now, I will have some new topics to talk about, and it will not be all about me and the marathon.

But, I will not let them go without doing one Boston Marathon themed playlist on the last class before the big dance.  This class debut is not until Thursday, but I thought I would post it now.  I take the students along the course and try to match the songs with the towns.

“Born to Run” Bruce Springstreen- Warmup- Hopkinton (At some point, there will be a speaker and it will be blasting this song)

“I Run to You” Lady Antebellum- 30 pickups- Ashland (everyone is running to someone, right?)

“I Run for Life” Melissa Etheridge- three one minute hills- Framingham (You run in this town for a LONG time- there are some slight inclines here, but nothing crazy.  I also dedicate this to all the charity runners out on the course)

“Running Down a Dream” Tommy Petty- 45 second intervals with slight incline- Natick (Rather flat town, time to pick up the speed, but stay steady to conserve energy)

“ Girls Girls Girls” Motley Crue- sprints- Wellesley (Wellesley College anyone?)

“Love Train (Workout Remix)” O’Jays- hill with downhills- Wellesley into Newton (on this part of the route, you follow the commuter line.  There are really no uphills here, but we need them to go downhill.  We will get to the infamous 128 bridge before Heartbreak.)

“Move Any Mountain” The Shamen- first hill medium and then hard (we have reached the fire station; it is time to climb)

“Mercy” Duffy- big hill- Newton (We have reached Heartbreak Hill- we are almost to BC- go Eagles!)

“Eye of the Tiger” Survivor- one minute speed intervals with increasing resistance-  Brookline (This part of the course is my least favorite.  You are almost done, but it is time to buckle down.  We keep running, and my motto stays in my head “I can do anything for one minute”)

“I’m Shipping Up to Boston” Dropkick Murphys- jumps- Boston (We have reached Kenmore Square and Fenway; it is time to dig deep and get to the finish)

“Long May You Run” Neil Young- cooldown

“Boston” Augustana- cooldown

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  1. I will be in Brookline cheering for you!!!!