Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Big Debate

Running returned to my life this week. This past weekend, I rode my bike a lot and did lots of back exercises that my PT friend gave me. After being on the Spin bike all weekend, it was a HUGE difference. I guess I better get used to it.

On Monday, I ran with my chaperone- my husband. He was very concerned that I would push it hard and reinjure whatever it was that I injured. It is very rare that we run together, so I knew he was REALLY concerned if he was willing to give up his alone time. Our run was picture perfect, and I convinced him that we could go a little bit longer than we had planned. I am tricky like that!

Tuesday brought a run with my favorite running buddy, Cisco the dog. The poor guy was stuck in the house all day and was ready to go when I arrived home from work. I love him so much- he is the perfect pal to be out with and he is always excited to go running. When he sees me change into my running clothes, he runs to the door and waits. I feel bad when I need to go by myself. (And, yes, I am a crazy dog person.)

The temperatures yesterday were near the 90s. However, I knew I could not run Thursday or after work so I needed to head out during lunch. Full disclosure- I hate running in the heat. Just standing in the heat causes the pins and needles that I constantly have in my hands from the MS to rage. Running then makes that feeling times 100. I headed out slowly and not that far, just on my little four mile Needham loop. It was a day when I just decided to take what I had at hand.

My runs this week have empowered me. I know my back is getting better, and the nightmares that I will have to sit out Boston have stopped. But, is it good enough for me to risk racing this weekend? I am signed up for Cohasset by the Sea 10K, one of my must races for the year. The thought of sitting it out makes me unhappy, but I am not sure how my back will feel about racing a 10K. Is it worth the risk this close to Boston? At least I have a few more days to decide....

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